Tweets: Band Shares More Photos With Us From The Studio

No Doubt have been sharing more photos with us of themselves from the studio tonight! And we are on day two of “bindi watch”! Gwen apparently is sporting her retro look again in the studio, and a small part of me wants it to stay!

And can we just point out that the whole band is looking soooo good?

Tony Kanal
8 minutes ago

Gwen Stefani
9 minutes ago

Tom Dumont
12 minutes ago

Adrian Young
14 minutes ago

4 Replies to “Tweets: Band Shares More Photos With Us From The Studio”

  1. I am in love with the bindi! I want to wear one, but I already have bleached blonde hair and enough LAMB to fill a house…so people already have snarky remarks for me.

    I think I’m going to buy some anyway! Haha. I don’t care. Gwenabee for life!

    Also, everyone looks so freaking good! It’s ridiculous. They all look exactly like they did in their twenties!

  2. Yeah, tell me about it! They all look SOOO good, it’s incredible. I seriously cannot wait for more photos from this era, so hot! <333 And I want the bindi to stay!

  3. Tbh, it doesn’t look like the members actually Tweeted them! Because why would they suddenly use their full names and not sign them?!
    But still very awesome!

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