Tweets: No Doubt Back At It Today

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The band is back in the studio this afternoon! We wish them the best! Tom also shared that the band are working on a new ballad today! He also confirmed to a fan that no covers appear on the album.

Gwen made some nice veggie-bean soup w rice for lunch before we got started today. Food inspiration! -Tom
25 seconds ago

@Crystal_Le_Ann nope 🙂 no covers on this one. -Tom
4 minutes ago
2 minutes ago

“@Lez_JennyND: @nodoubt I am so impatient !!! What song you’re currently recording? =)” Trying to write a new one, a ballad. -Tom
1 minute ago

“@beaconstreet: Is “Windswept” another song? ” Whoops! Not a song title…crazy winds and power outages in LA today!”
4 minutes ago

6 minutes ago

Windswept today
7 minutes ago

Back at it today – tony
10 minutes ago

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