Tweets: All Together In NYC

This makes us so happy inside! Tom shared a photo of the band all together in a car heading to do some Canadian press interviews. How exciting it must be for them!

Journalist for Canada’s MuchMore was there to interview the band, too!

@adrianyoungnd So happy to b in NY again with the band and our families again. @TomDumontND @TonyKanal @gwenstefani @nodoubt

@gwenstefani Just did a billion interviews for Canada – thanks Canada – not speaking for the rest of the day gx

@mattawells We’ve figured out that @nodoubt fit in by not fitting in.@AdrianYoungND @TonyKanal @gwenstefani @TomDumontND @muchmore

@tonykanal @nodoubt @gwenstefani @TomDumontND
@AdrianYoungND Canadian press in NYC underway

@tomdumontnd @nodoubt all together in NYC, in a van on the way to a day of interviews with Canadian press!

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