Tweets: Afternoon Vocals And Strings

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Gwen Tweeted this afternoon that the band is back in the studio recording vocals! Producer Anthony Gorry also revealed that they’re working a string ensemble… !!! We are so excited to hear this record and have a feeling it’s going to be so different and insane!

It also looks like they might be working from Gwen’s house cause we notice a Bush/No Doubt tour poster from 1995 in the background!

@AnthonyGorry I’m melting! Gx

String Ensemble in full flow…..BLISS (@anthonygorry)

Friday afternoon vocals in sunny Los Angeles!

3 Replies to “Tweets: Afternoon Vocals And Strings”

  1. At Gwen’s house…awwwwwwww, G&G have THE tour poster :”’) C U T N E S S!
    Must be like to King and Zuma “and this is the tour where mommy and daddy fell in love!”

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