Tweets: Adrian Attending Adopt The Arts Foundation; “Deep Ska Vibes”


Tom took to Twitter this evening replying to a couple fans about the upcoming new single and what sounds we will hear on the new album. Tom replied saying that they still are not sure on a single, or what it will sound like, but will let us know when they do. He also went on to say that we will be hearing some “deep ska sounds” on the record, even their “best yet”. Pretty exciting!

@tomdumontnd @nfisteus ASAP! (that’s intentionally vague, but as soon as we know, we’ll let you know)

@tomdumontnd @tolivendienla definitely some deep ska vibes, our best yet, if i may be so bold

Adrian shared that he is attending the Adopt the Arts Foundation event fundraiser tonight in Simon LA and the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel. He also provided a link to the event and tickets are available starting at $50.

@AdrianYoungND Attending a fundraiser tonight to support the “Adopt The Arts Foundation”. For more info, check out

@nodoubt Voting ends tonight for Round 1 of @MTV Musical March Madness. Vote now & help No Doubt advance to the next round #MMM

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