Tweets: Writing, Writing, Writing

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No Doubt shared a rad photo and revealed that Tony and Gwen are back at writing new music this afternoon. Gwen also teased us with saying herself and Tony are listening to “new demos”. Wishing them the best!

@nodoubt listening to new demos with @TonyKanal. can’t wait to share with all of u! gx

@nodoubt writing writing writing. back at it today @gwenstefani @TonyKanal

20 Replies to “Tweets: Writing, Writing, Writing”

  1. Yes that is Gwen’s Home. Dude I hope this CD is worth the 11 year wait! LOL PLEASE No Doubt do something we are not expecting bring rock and roll back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PPPPPPLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Melissa, I think Dave was talking about the fact Push and Shove was not the comeback album fans were wanting. Personally I think because Push and Shove didn’t do that well is why No Doubt went back to writing so soon and delayed the tour.

  3. in the second picture it looks like gwen has that exspression ‘tony i should not of had that last donut’ lol.

  4. @D….Push and Shove wasn’t nearly an inch close to the greatness of Gwen Stefani’s solo albums. I don’t think it’s bad for No Doubt to embrace pop but they should mix it with their rock self (E.G Rock Steady, the most brilliant example of that mash imo being Detective) not the kind of sappy, boring ”new wave” pop of Push and Shove. They should have taken a cue from the vast majority of 80s inspired artists working today…their 80s pop revival sounded more like Katy Perry or Pink than anything else. Fatally overproduced, in a way no Gwen solo album ever was.

  5. “Adversity promotes creativity”. What made past No Doubt albums so great is they (specifically Gwen) had great adversity in their life to draw inspiration from. Now that they’re all older they’ve resolved a lot of those issues and they rolling in the money. So because they’ve reached such a conformable place in life there’s little to no inspection to draw from. They did those 7 shows to get inspired again, but that’s not the answer. Push and Shoves meaning was just about struggling to find time to write or about balancing a busy life, but that is not true adversity that promotes creativity. Maybe the deep struggles of their youth are behind them and there’s no more adversity to draw from or maybe they can find something meaningful to draw inspiration from this time around.

  6. Thanks Rob. Also remember how Tony, Tom and Adrian had tons of songs already written and demoed, but then after Gwen came into the studio for whatever reason they threw out most of what the guys wrote and started over. I’m thinking the songs they threw out were closer to sounding like the true No Doubt sound fans were expecting, but Gwen wanted it to sound more like what we got. I just hope that the new songs they’re writing now is a result of a reality check and realizing they made a mistake with Push and Shove. And this new material will be the true comeback album fans have been waiting all these years for.

  7. Didn’t Gwen keep saying P/S was more of Tony’s influence though? I don’t think it’s fair to blame their direction on just her. I just hope they move out of the 80’s….I hate that decade! haha I agree about Gwen’s stable personal life not giving her much material to work with though. That was what was missing most from P/S….her intimate, awesome lyrics. Not that I *want* drama in her life LOL Hopefully she can dig deep and find something good to write about.

  8. If Gwen is a decent songwriter I just don’t understand why she needs to constantly draw on personal hardships to write good songs IMO. And the whole Tony coaching her on lyrics thing was kind of weird too.

  9. Well…she had writers block. They tried a few different ways of curing it, but maybe P/S being a “commercial failure” was enough to jump start her creative side…? Let’s hope LOL But yeah, even though she doesn’t have “heartbreak” on the table anymore, I would think her love for Gavin, her children, or other things in her life would give her plenty of material.

  10. I think Ms. Amanda G Is right. But Mr. Tony did help Mrs. Gwen with songs on her solo work lets not forget. Mr.Travis has a very good point that adversity is lacking this time (thank goodness), they will have to pull from home and family love maybe this time around. I hope they Know ( the Band ) that we are all pulling for them. It is just going to be a little rougher this time. They can do it. Mr. Travis has some very good pionts. I have to believe they will come through this just fine.

  11. I think it’s a bit presumptuous to think that there’s no adversity in their lives. You never know what’s really going on in someone’s personal life and money doesn’t buy happiness. Sorry for the cliche but it is true. 🙂

  12. @Evon I absolutely agree. I like how they played with different lyrical themes in Tragic Kingdom aside from the break-up one. And maybe if the songwriting goes so fast they found out that they don’t have to squeeze personal lyrics, sometimes they just come and they don’t necessarily have to be truly personal There are great artists who write about things that do not necessarily happen to them but in some feel as if their own, or at least very related. Let’s just hope it has nothing to do with Gwen being afraid of the paparazzi, about a ‘designer love-maker’, her love resembling the solar system or other daft things (like that awful Yoga rhyme in ‘Push and Shove’)

  13. @Evon The reason I’m presuming they don’t have a lot of adversity goes beyond money. 1. Gwen is known for being open/unfiltered in the music and what’s going on in her life. The lack of depth and creativity in Push and Shove and also interviews lead me to believe there’s little adversity in their life. The most they’ve talked about is balancing their busy schedule.

    Since Gwen is usually so open about her life; if there was deeper adversity in their life we would’ve heard about it by now. Another factor is I know No Doubt said they worked hard on the latest album, but compared to other artists they hardly put the effort behind it that is required. The fact that their studio time was not being spent the same way it used to be before they had families is why they haven’t put near the time and hard work that’s required for a quality album. It’s almost impossible to spend quality time with family and accomplish quality time in the studio at the same time. They don’t have near the pressure to create quality music that they did before. They could sellout huge arenas all over the world by their name alone. And like I said before they’ve moved on pass the growing pains of their youth and they’ve settled down a little too much in order to draw inspiration or put enough quality time in the studio. I still don’t know what happened to all those great ideas they tweeted about having on Push and Shove?

    P.S. I still love No Doubt and hope for a positive future, but I have doubts about their ability to do dedicate themselves to putting out quality music anymore.

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