Tweet: “We’re On A Hiatus For A While”

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Tom shared that No Doubt will indeed be on a continued “hiatus for a while” and confirms that we may be getting new information regarding the band’s future plans next year. Though it’s bummer news, we’re excited for No Doubt while they prepare for their growing families and hope they are enjoying their time off together.

We thank Tom for confirming and reaching out to fans regarding the hiatus and we wish them nothing but love and support during these exciting times!

25 Replies to “Tweet: “We’re On A Hiatus For A While””

  1. Yes, sad for the music part, but still, it’s her last chance for another baby so happy for G! Us fans will still be here later. Let’s hope everything goes well with her pregnancy 🙂 (and here’s hoping for a girl!)

  2. To state “Us fans will still be here later” at this point is very uncertain… A lot of people are really frustated and some already said they are ready to move on.

  3. There probably wont be a new ND album again. Gwen just doesnt seem into anymore. Im super glad G is having a baby, but I just dont care about ND anymore. They dont know how to connect to the fans in 2013 and I dont think they know how to handle not being successful after so many years.

  4. I think it’s pretty much over at this point. I don’t think they will break up, but I don’t see much happening as far as albums or touring for a VERY long time. Their families are so large now and the longer they are away and the older they get the less of a chance they will have of being successful chart wise. I wish they would at least release the songs they did make this year on YouTube just as a thank you for the fans, but that won’t happen.

  5. ‘move on’? what the hell, you don’t see stones fans giving up on them. or grateful dead. they have some die-hard fans. i’m happy for new music, but just as happy to listen to old stuff.
    if your fandom is dictated by whether or not they’re giving you the perception that they’re jumping through hoops to keep you entertained, well, then you may be a poseur.
    i’m glad gwen’s having a stab at getting herself a girl. whatever happens, happens.

  6. They should release an EP with the new songs they recorded earlier this year, just for kicks. No promotion. Just for the fans.

  7. They should release it like Robyn released Body Talk, 3 parts, 4-6 songs each. That’s how people listen to albums anyway… I think if they can overcome small hurdles, it might get them back on track. Let’s just be patient while Gwen has ANOTHER baby.

  8. I think it’s over too. It’s a shame that their communication is sooooooo poor. They should have released something when they took their break back in May.

  9. Honestly, they just should’ve recorded 4 or 5 new songs, get a proper radio single out around September and simply re-release P&S around Christmas with the new songs. That’s all.

  10. Realistically they can’t go on forever lets just be happy with what they have given us as a band over the years.
    Sad as it will be they will call it quits one day.
    They all families now and their priorities have changed.
    If the new album is anything like Push and shove then I would rather not have new music from them, try as I did I just couldn’t take to that album in fact I thought it was terrible.

  11. I agree YYY. A re-release would have been sufficient, but only if they made time to promote it properly. Frankly, I don’t think they would have made the time though with wanting to spend the summer with kids (or making kids). I just hope the songs they were excited about this year won’t be lost forever! As a good show of faith, they should release one for the fans…

  12. At least Tom was kind enough to grace us fans with a long delayed sliver of information. As useless, vague and evasive as it is.
    Sad and shameful.

  13. I don’t understand how so many people claim to be die hard fans and yet are not giving the band the respect, time, and space to have a life of their own. As imperfect humans I’m pretty sure they are allowed to change their minds about certain decisions and a lot of things are out of their control and other things just aren’t as important as their families. How can some people be so selfish as to think the band owes them anything? They are not obligated to tell us anything so we should be happy that Tom and other members take time to Tweet back to fans, to pose for pictures with fans, and to be charitable in so many other ways. They could be total jerks and not do any of that as some celebrities do. Disappointment is a part of life and I’m sure the band has had their share of disappointments. Be positive. Be happy for Gwen and all of their families. This is just my opinion, obviously, but I really hope the band can visit this site and know that they will always have fans that support them no matter what- not just when it’s good for us.

  14. Its hard to see how No Doubt failed as creative artists. Actually writing and making music should be a pretty normal thing for them as musicians. But after years of nothing but trying hard, “Push and Shove” is a bad work and they know that. It didnt even sell although it was ment to.

    Cancelling the tour was like, “ok we wont sell the tickets. Lets go back to studio maybe we can do it better.” But they couldnt.

    Thats the situation. They cant make music anymore. And they dont need to. They never should have another failing reunion again. Its too late now.

  15. to good will wait until next year, but I’m glad that more families are growing ND that is the most important: D

  16. At the end of the day No Doubt have been going for a very long time!!! I watch their old performances and think well in all fairness: this isn’t who No Doubt are anymore, they’re not in their 20’s cracking America, they’re all in their 40’s with families and it’s just different! You don’t see many bands which have been through the 90’s with great careers sat topping charts today… People have had to wait years for music so what did they expect? No Doubt released their new album…. it wasn’t a mass success but that was due to the shit promotion in my opinion. No Doubt appeared on X Factor in our country when the single or album weren’t released… so all the opportunity X Factor gave them for people to go onto iTunes etc and download the single/album were just lost! It should’ve been pushed and pushed and pushed to the MAX with mass performances and great promotion to make more of a go of Push and Shove… I really like the album, in all fairness it wasn’t much different to their past few albums, it was never going to be something like Tragic Kingdom was it… They should all get on with living their lives now they’re getting older.. It is a massive shame about the music though! Hmm, at best they could make appearances and things…. Skrillex is quite popular so since they worked together, maybe these tracks should be released.. and maybe Gwen should do some collaborations?

  17. Sad to hear we have to wait a little longer, but i’m confident that this is not the end. Congrats Gwen! Can’t wait to see pics of your 3rd son : )

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