Tweet: “We Have a Lot Written”

Tom shared on Twitter tonight that the band has a lot of new material written and says “a heap of recording” will be happening for the rest of April. It seems like the process is moving quite along for them!

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  1. Not like this would happen but I think it would be a great choice to release an upbeat pop collaboration with some HUGE music star. Someone like P!nk or Katy Perry or Lady Gaga would be great. It would help No Doubt get back on the map and then their follow up singles would have a good chance of becoming hits.

  2. Since they had such a good time on the duet with Pink live, maybe they should’ve possibly thought about working with Pink on just one song, Pink does do some great music and she is being largely successful of late!

  3. i really hope gwen plays around with her vocals more on this new album. makes them more funky not just her trying to sound “pretty”. she should take advantage of the fact that she not a ‘talented’ singer. know one is expecting her to belt it out so she should take liberties!! be weird, kooky, manipulate them. as she did on some of her solo stuff and in the early days. anyone agree?

  4. @Doom I understand your point. A lot of the songs were kind of bland on “Push and Shove” because Gwen sang in a familiar key throughout the whole song. However, when she does do funky things with her voice it often does not translate well while sung live.

  5. @shaun….DISAGREE! Look at What You Waiting For live…that song translated so great as did Rich Girl and Cool.

  6. @shaun. i also disagree. have you seen any of the more recent promo performances!? vocals are getting harder and harder for her. she should sing through a machine, change it up. challenge herself, challenge the fans.

    the best example of what i’m talking about are the vox on one more summer. so bland, not pretty, cringe worthy.
    her yodelling, as silly as it is, is much braver and captivating.

  7. they dont need to make any more money or be safe- i hope they do crazy shit and just go balls to the wall dont give a fuck with it…the song push and shove is the only song that seemed like it was reflective of that attitude! so excited only time will tell

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