Tweet: “We Do Indeed Have Plans”


Tom took to Twitter tonight and replied to more fans whom were inquiring about if a “big announcement” would be coming soon (in regards to his last Tweet). And you know us No Doubt fans, we let our minds wonder too far sometimes. Hopefully an announcement comes soon about their upcoming plans. We miss them already.

@tomdumontnd @KieraJuku94 @dearnodoubt umm sorry, forgive me… we’re doing stuff this week but I didn’t mean to imply any “big” announcements as of yet

Leave it to Tom to make us go crazy! He hinted to a fan tonight that the band “do indeed have plans” and said that he suspects the news will be revealed on Twitter. Hmm… what do you think it will be?

@tomdumontnd @kendakist We do indeed have plans and I suspect they will be revealed here on the twitter. 🙂

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  1. Maybe a new looking hot video, probably tour dates. I’d like both but would be more happy with tour dates just hope they got to Memphis or Nashville this time St. Louis a long drive for me lol.

  2. I hope its tour dates or something about a new album or EP. At this point I dont see them releasing another vid or even single from push and shove since looking hot never charted.

  3. A new video for LH? Seriously?! That’s the last thing I’d want from them now lol. 😛 I really, really hope it will be some more information, or maybe even an official announcement about what this newly recorded music will be used for.

  4. If I had to take an educated guess, I would assume tour dates, considering that was the last big thing the band has said about their upcoming plans. Or it could be an announcement in regards to what they are recording new music for (i.e. Push and Shove re-release).

    Another idea was that a fan tipped me that they could possibly be playing a show in honor of the Super Bowl in New Orleans next month (nothing has been confirmed yet!). So we’ll have to see — I just wish it would come soon because we’re all so anxious (and a little frustrated) with all this down time.

  5. I think a new LH video or single from P&S can officially be taken off the table. Tour dates or an announcement about what the new studio sessions are for are the best options at this point.

  6. I think it is obvious that they are going to announce tour dates. I hope they do smaller venues :::crosses fingers::::

    1. They’d be foolish to think with the poor album sales and singles performances that they could book anything other than small venues outside of southern California. And maybe New York. What they need to do is regroup, and go on a smaller club/venue tour like they did with Rock Steady in the early part of the promo.

  7. I think the whole issue with the LH video led them to cut any P&S promo and move on… And I really hope there won’t be a P&S re-release. Re-releases are the worst thing in music, to me they mean lack of creativity and effort (together with self-titling a band’s 3rd or 4th album hahah). If there aren’t enough songs for a new album, just release an EP.

  8. I have more than a decade waiting for No Doubt, I’m getting tired of this feeling and every “surprise” is worst than the previous one 🙁

  9. What they need to do is a world tour! come on united staters share no doubt with the rest of the world, is about time!

  10. I would love to see them live at some point, but I’d rather hear new songs! If they go on tour now, it’ll just be the same tour as ’04 and ’09 with two or three extra tracks. If they can release a couple of new singles first and do a re-release, or put a new album out before this summer, then bring on the tour!

  11. (Not that I haven’t seen them live before…I’ve seen them everytime they’ve come to KC!) But yeah…I’d rather them focus on making the “comeback” they deserve first so that they can actually fill venues. As has been mentioned on the official forum, many casual listeners don’t even have a clue that P&S exists.

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