Tweet: Tom Hoping For New Release This Year

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Tom shared with a fan last night that he hopes to have the band’s new music out this year. He started off by saying it’s obviously too early in the process to say anything yet. We continue to wish the No Doubt the best in the studio and it’s still pretty surreal that they are already back hard at work. We love this band.

@tomdumontnd @WelcomeToTheTK Its too soon to say anything yet. I do not yet know when we might release new music. But my personal hope is for ’13. 🙂

15 Replies to “Tweet: Tom Hoping For New Release This Year”

    1. amanda, even though i do not always agree with everything you say on here i respect the fact that your honest. i like people like that.

    2. AMEN. We’ll see what happens at the end of the year when they’re giving interviews about wanting the album to be perfect and pushing it back until spring or summer of 2014… Just sayin’.

      I just hope they alternately have more fun with this one, downplay the adult contemporary stuff, lessen the overly varnished studio sound, mix everything better and write lyrics that aren’t so groan inducing/on the nose. Basically, I’m hoping for a Rock Steady 2.0, but with way more guitars. And a little more reggae wouldn’t hurt.

  1. i hope there is more rock this time even though i am with a 50/50 split of fans who still thinks p@s was pretty good also.

  2. Not holding my breath either. The long slow saga begins….
    However long it takes, it’ll be worth with the wait.

  3. I just hope that it is better than the last one.I waited so long for push and shove and when it was released I was so disappointed with it.I love No doubt dearly but I just can’t take to their last album.

  4. I am optimistic that it won’t take as long as P&S did, but I am not sure about 2013. Well, of course this year is still very young, so who knows?

  5. I would love to hear them do something like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs COME ON NO DOUBT! where did you GO!!! ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve been a mad fan for years but following the massive decade wait and the last album I’ve lost interest. If it rocks when it comes out I may eat my words and I’m hoping that I do.

  7. I’m pretty much the same as you at this moment Jo. As much as I tried to get excited over the Push and Shove album I just couldn’t and really I don’t like it at all. I really do hope this next one is better and resembles No Doubt of old in some way.

  8. I would absolutely love it if their new album consisted of some ‘harder’ rockier content!
    I absolutely love the harder parts, especially the likes of that in certain parts of Tragic Kingdom.
    The complete genre mix-up is what makes their music a major struggle commercially though, as when there’s ska, rock and primarily pop, it can’t be classed particularly as ska or rock, though it contains too much of a mixture of other genres to go down a purely pop root and then it loses a vast amount of commercial appeal!!!!

  9. To me No Doubt is the Type of band that could do any type of music and it would be great Even hard industrial rock such as Nine inch Nails and it would be great come on Guy’s do something that shocks us fans and the rest of the music industry DO SOMETHING NOBODY IS EXPECTING PLEASE O PLEASE WE ARE ALL BEGGING YOU ! no more reggae no more ska no more dance no more POP at all! Please GOD and no more 80’s new wave!!!! SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT AND UNEXPECTED come back and show the music biz how talented you and us fans know you are!!!! I am begging you!!!! PLEASE……..

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