Tweet: Tom Has “Some Ideas” For New Music

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While responding to a fan on Twitter, Tom said on the music front that he has “some ideas” but has yet to “execute” them. He also revealed that he’s in the probess of re-vamping his home studio and hopes something will happen in there.

We hope to hear more about the band’s plans and wish Tom the best!

25 Replies to “Tweet: Tom Has “Some Ideas” For New Music”

  1. Is it me or has “some ideas” become ND’s way of saying “no new music anytime soon”? Are they starting from zero again? What about the songs they recorded earlier this year with all those producers? *sigh*

  2. how long does it take to recharge a battery?
    yea, no new music anytime soon it seems. but what are they doing? just spending time with their families?
    wouldn’t that get boring,? you have to stimulate yourself in other ways, especially if you are a creative person.
    i’m surprised they are not itching to get into the studio. i think gwen is not ready. she calls the shots.
    plus if it fact she is pregnant, that sounds like a great time to make a record. write some lyrics, sing them.
    you dont even have to get out of your chair!

  3. I think this “break” has gone beyond the point of “recharging batteries” already. This feels like another hiatus, or whatever we want to call it. Once again something must’ve happened that we don’t know anything about. Maybe they were not happy with the direction of the new songs, maybe Interscope wasn’t happy, maybe ND just aren’t “into it” anymore… who knows? Gwen and Tony seem to enjoy their lives right now, Adrian is all “whatever” as usual and the only one, who seems to be ready for music is Tom.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I am not getting any positive vibes from them lately concerning ND. Tom doesn’t even know what to say anmore to fans that tweet him.

  4. The thrill is gone because they have nothing left to prove. I think when you struggle and succeed in your youth, you just want to enjoy life once you reach a particular age. I predict the next album will come out in 2 years and it will be for the fans, not too mainstream.

  5. i also agree with you MATTHEW, gwen has lost her inspiration due to her age, and children, she was better when she had no kids,… she use to write about love, sex and some sort, she is in another way and … perhaps soon she will retire definitly

  6. I know that fans are split on this. Some say we have no place to complain and that the band owe us nothing. The thing is, early this year they told us several times that new music would be out this year. So after telling your fans that, the least they could do is communicate. It’s partly our love of the band over the yeats and our money that let’s them live this life that they all have. We waited 11 years for them to return, then P&S ended so soon (with no tour and really only 1 music video) in order to make new music… And now hardly any communication from them… It just feels like Tom is the only one who hasn’t forgotten about us. Idk… Part of me thinks that maybe we are just being selfish fans and that we are still adjusting to the fact that we don’t come first anymore and now have to share them with their kids. But then I think of all the bands that have kids and are in their 40’s and 50’s, still have so much passion about music and are out there working hard.

  7. Tom seems to be the only one into it these days. I’m over anticiptating new music, and if they did say they were going back into the studio tomorrow I don’t think I would be that excited. Gwen acts like she could care less about the band or communicating with fans. I think everyone needs to move on at this point.

  8. I agree Zeek. I never understood why fans would say they dont owe us anything. They hype up studio time and tease us with what theyre doing, and then nothing happens. If they dont owe fans explanations, then we dont owe them our time and money supporting them.
    They should just admit they are happy with their lives now and arent “inspired” anymore. They now fans want new music and theyre just stringing us along. Theyve lost enough fans, if theyre smart they will be honest with the few they have left.

    By the way, why are they always so secretive with everything they do? Its annoying.

  9. I appreciate Tom for giving us “updates” every once in awhile…and for the Instagram pics. Adrian was always my favorite band member but I think Tom is inching up there too! I really think he feels our pain and wants to say more, but can’t.

  10. “Gwen acts like she could care less about the band or communicating with fans. I think everyone needs to move on at this point”

    That is the feeling I get too. I hope it’s wrong but there is no way to tell. Or maybe her silence does tell us.

    “I really think he (Tom) feels our pain and wants to say more, but can’t.”

    Yeah, there seems to be something more going on but maybe it’s just not his place to say… Idk.

    I keep thinking after what happened with P&S that they would feel galvanized and want to prove something. It got extremely mixed fan reactions, it didn’t sell well and then it basically ended shorty after a video they made was called racist. After 11 years of us waiting, and years of them in and out of the studio, it was all over with a few months. I can’t imagine that feels like a good way to leave things. They are still young! And they can work hard and still have plenty of time to spend with their kids. So. I guess they just don’t care. At least some of them. I think it is finally starting to sink in with me,

  11. 🙁

    Does anyone said something about it to Tony? Tony seems available all the time on twitter. Well, I dont have twiiter account but if anyone has here, please ask Tony about the new album and the stuff things. x

  12. So what really was the issue with push and shove?
    It didn’t chart well?
    Neither did RoS. However that album produced a tour plus many singles and videos.
    It didn’t produce a radio hit?
    MIA, for example, is on interscope. Her last album was a complete flop. She road it through regardless and with the labels support. Tour singles, videos a remix album, etc.
    Then the silly looking hot video, which was perhaps stupid on the part of the band but hardly controversial. Big whoop. This band and Gwen have a squeeky clean record. Hard to imagine this being much of a hoo ha.

    None if these things merit the complete shutdown in promotion and funds to keep the album alive.

    Just thinking about it again is all. There are definitely many missing peices to this puzzle……

  13. It’s the fact that they told us several times that there would be new music released in 2013 and that the creative processes was going very well and happening with ease… and then all the sudden… nothing. Just communicate with us and let your fans know what is going on either way. You don’t tell you fans that and then go silent eithout even bothering to take a few minutes to explain things. It just common deceny to your loyal fans. And there are less and less of us so they should at least show to their remaing fans that they stil care about us. It would take Gwen 30 seconds to Tweet that she just isn’t feeling inspired right now and doesn’t want to make a record until she is ready. Don’t tell us new music is coming this year and that it’s going reallly well and then just stop communicating al tog.ether and leave us hanging. It is just a matter of respect to the most loyal of fans that have given them their love and support over the years. Just communicate is all.

  14. Wait… So Gwen is now (un)officially pregnant??? How did I miss this? I knew about the rumors from when she was on vacation but that was just fan speculation. Eve said in an interview she is again. I’m really out of the loop I guess. This would explain some things.

    Well this changes everything. I think it may be time to just let No Doubt go. Gwen always dreamed of having a family and that’s what she i continuing to do now. I can’t imagine what it would be like to try and be creative and focus on music when you are pregant. Knowing you have a new baby coming would be your whole world and rightfully so. I know some artists find it inspiring. When Madonna had a kid in the 90’s she found it inspiring and put of Ray of Light. But Gwen is different and she seems to find the whole process of writing a chore and stressful. We had ND to ourselfs for a long time and now it’s time for her family. So I am officially done waiting for music now. I will just assume ND is part of the past now. If a new album happens someday then great but I’m done waiting and checking for updates.

  15. There’s been no confirmation on that yet Zeek. Just fan speculation (which seems to happen a few times a year.) But yeah, if it’s true then I wouldn’t expect an album in less than 5 years. I’d love to move on too but the only problem is that NO other band or singer has captured my interest or obsession for as long as ND has! I can’t find a “new” favorite band. LOL

  16. Yeah I will never be able to find a new favorite band either. ND is something special. I guess it’s mostly EDM for me from now on.

  17. Meh, that’s still not confirmation for me. Eve could just be repeating or making fun of the rumors. I will only listen to Gwen or Gavin for this type of rumor.

  18. Either way, personally I think it’s time for me to let No Doubt go. If they put out another album sometime, great… It will be a pleasant surprise. But I’m done waiting. If it ends up being true and Gwen is expecting another kid, I wish her the best! We all know that’s what she has always wanted. To raise a family and now she is living her dream. So as long as she is happy that’s all that matters. I just feel there is still so much potential left for her and the band, but that’s up to them. It’s their lives. They have given us a lot of great memories. Anything that may come beyond this point is just extra.

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