Tweet: Tom Confirms 10 Songs Written; OC Weekly Loves No Doubt's Twitter

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Thanks to


P.S. 10 songs written now

about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

And here is the article Tom was referencing.

OC Weekly — These days, you can’t go online without reading about Kanye West letting fans know about his latest drama, or 50 Cent on either how lonely he is or his hilarous racist rants–all on Twitter. And while no local artist is as candid as Kanye or Fitty, here are some of the best OC acts to follow on Twitter.

No Doubt @nodoubt

What you’ll find Cam pics from Gwen Stefani, random news from the band (Adrian ran the NYC marathon), Tom’s new baby (due early 2011), updates on how the album is doing (they have eight songs done!).

Why you shoud follow them It’s the best kind of shared, official Twitter account–full of juicy tidbits and personable.

Our only complaint Update more frequently, please!

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