Tweet: Teaser Photo from the Studio

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Tom Tweeted a teaser photo from the studio tonight which leads us to believe the band is in fact working on new music this week! It’s still not confirmed what the new music is for but it’s still exciting nonetheless. We wish them the best of luck and cannot wait to hear more about what they are up to.

@tomdumontnd Shhhh

6 Replies to “Tweet: Teaser Photo from the Studio”

  1. David, is this who they are going into the studio with? If he’s worked with Foster the People and Santigold, it could be promising.

  2. ^LOL.

    I have no idea who they are going into the studio with, if anyone. I think they should collaborate with fresh blood if they’re going to collaborate, though. They’re incredibly competent musicians and songwriters, and some of their best songs were written in twenty minutes. I think they would really benefit from a mixing engineer detached from the songwriting and producing process that would be able to hone in on and capture that visceral magic they exude when they play live.

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