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Wow. No Doubt shared an absolutely stunning photo of Gwen this afternoon from another writing session on this Tuesday. They seem to be working really hard so we’re wishing them the best!

@nodoubt @gwenstefani songwriting today

9 Replies to “Tweet: Songwriting Today”

  1. Nice! I really do think they will put out a new album before the tour. I also think they realized the mistakes made on P and S and are determined to do better.

  2. Yeah, Tony and Gwen songwriting for two weeks. And now all four of them are writing together. I hope it’s a new album! Maybe Jimmy’s visit was for a deadline.

  3. Guys there is no way they are going to crank out a whole album before the summer! It usually takes them quite some time, and with ROS and P+S especially, we heard a lot about how hard songwriting is for them. Perhaps b side or deluxe edition re-release of push and shove. I am just hoping for brand new trax as opposed to remixes…can’t wait!

  4. If it’s for a re-release then I think it’s quite possible to get our hands on those new tracks before the Summer.

  5. i hope they drop something better, i like p@s strangely enough other than ros it was an album i liked right away, but i would like to hear alittle more out of them though. nice picture too, gwen looks so focused and articulate lol.

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