Tweets: Shooting Album Packaging Today

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The band are currently in Hollywood shooting album artwork for Push and Shove. We seriously don’t have enough words to express how excited we are for ourselves and the band. This has to be so rewarding for them and it shows. They all look so incredible! This album artwork is going to be incredibly sick.

Tony shared that Sohpie Muller is also on set with the band filming the photo shoot and showing edits of the “Settle Down” video!

Tom also confirms that El Mac is painting portraits of the band from the photos he took back in March!

Click here for more photos!

@tomdumontnd El Mac is painting portraits, based off of the photos he took. “@nodoubter29: @nodoubt was the El Mac photos for the record or PR?”

@TonyKanal What we see right now

@TonyKanal Me and the incredible Sophie Muller


‏@nodoubt Band time!



@tomdumontnd Yo Adrian!

@adrianyoungnd Tom just finished his first round of album photos with Van Halen I blaring to get him in the mood.




@nodoubt @tomdumontnd is up!

@nodoubt @tonykanal it’s go time!

@tomdumontnd @tonykanal


@nodoubt @AdrianYoungND getting ready for another photo shoot today

@tomdumontnd Just arrived at today’s photoshoot. “Push and Shove” album packaging is on the menu today. Fun!

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