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Tom replied on Twitter this afternoon to a fan saying that as of yet there is still no news to report in regards to No Doubt. We just wanted to keep fans in the loop (we know it’s been a slow summer around here) and hope that the band is enjoying their time off!

36 Replies to “Tweet: “No News To Report””

  1. At the same time it’s sad, cause we fans want to be updated, to know if they still have plans for this year, etc..

  2. My opinion gwen should do a solo again cause this is what happened before they took a break and we waited 10 years for push and shove I don’t want to be waiting another 3-4 years I’m inking gwen should do a solo cause I love Gwen’s solo alot

  3. @Ray, well said and I too agree.I’ve never seen so many fans for No Doubt be so fucking pushy for another record. Geez.

  4. I wonder who is their Manager. Do they have a team that helps them get more press for their music rather than Gwen Stefani’s outfits. Altough she is gorgeous, I never see her pics related to music but to her fashion sense

  5. No Doubt will always be my #1 favorite band. I value most their music above any other artist. But, I like the way the band 311 operates more than No Doubt. The band 311 is about the same age and they also have families, yet that doesn’t stop them from touring every year and putting out new albums every 2 years. They’ve been around the same amount of time yet 311 has released twice as many albums.

    I also figured out why most of the songs No Doubt plays on tour are hit singles and neglect a lot of their older songs and non-singles is because No Doubt wants to please the majority of fans that buy their tickets which are fans that are seeing them for the first time and mostly wanna hear the hit singles. And very few of the fans that attend NDs shows are ones that have been loyal for years and love most their music.

    Where with the band 311 most their fans don’t care about the radio hits and love most their music and have been following the band and doing to their shows for years. That is why most the songs 311 plays are non-singles and they play a lot of older songs because they know most their fans are repeat loyal fans. That is also why 311 continues to tour regardless of album sales or hits. That is also why 311 does a lot special things for their fans like 311 day where they play for a number hours. It seems the love of music and fans is why motivates 311 but for No Doubt its the radio and commercial side and status in the pop world that motivates No Doubt as of the recent years. Even Gwen said if the 2009 tour hadn’t have done well then they wouldn’t have bothered doing Push and Shove. The fact that Gwen said in an interview how angry she was about the Push and Shove sales. And the fact that the reason there was no world tour/North American tour because Push and Shove sales were so bad. All this demonstrates that No Doubt cares more about the commercial and business side of their career than they do the music and the fans. It hasn’t always been this way, I just think as of recent years No Doubt has lost motivation and are out of touch with the music and their fan base. Where 311 has never lost touch is always consistent with their music and fans regardless of family or radio play or record sales.

  6. Sarah, Here is the link**sed-off-after-poor-sales-of-no-doubt-singles Gwen actually says she was pissed off about the sales. In one regard there is not one band or artist that is perfect and I absolutely love everything about them. What one of my favorite bands does great another one does wrong.

    Another thing to add that I remember. My first No Doubt concert in 2000 Return of Saturn Tour, the venue was half empty with only a few thousand fans much like the rest of the shows on that tour, yet only a few years before that No Doubt sold-out huge arenas on the Tragic Kingdom tour, which means they lost over 50% of the fans from the TK era. Every band loses fans, but I’ve noticed No Doubt has more disposable “one-timer” fans than most other bands. And that’s because they place so much weight on the pop commercial world rather than working with the loyal fans and sticking to the fundamentals that made them great in the first place.

    I don’t dwell nearly as much on what other bands could improve on and nor do I get all that disappointed when other bands fall short, but that’s because I don’t care about other bands that much. I care a lot about No Doubt. I practically grew up with No Doubts music from the late 90s to now. I was 19 years old for my first No Doubt show and now I’m 32 years old.

    As soon as I heard about Gwen repeating what Prince suggested to her that every song on the album needed to be written as a hit song, I had a feeling things would go wrong and sure enough they did. All the older No Doubt albums were great because No Doubt were writing them to all be hits, it all came naturally from the heart and real personal inspiration from adversity and they accidentally became hits. With Push and Shove No doubt were trying force the process with a goal to make hits on the radio and they were motivated by pressure to please the masses on the radio when they really were not ready and were not in the right mind. They went against the natural flow of creativity and were trying to force inspiration out when there was no inspiration to begin with. I don’t have all the answers but I don’t think the 2009 tour was the answer to get inspiration. I believe inspiration as to come naturally and from the heart and from the coarse of life. I hope and pray the time and elements will come when No Doubt finds themselves and unleashes their awesomeness once again.

  7. A little correction…. The post above I meant to type “The older No Doubt albums were great because they were NOT written to be hits”, it just naturally became that way, because they were written from the heart first and accidentally became hits later.

  8. That’s very astute Travis, I think you hit the nail on the head there. I would love it if No Doubt stopped caring about the infantile and fickle pop hit world and just focus on the music and their core fans.

  9. TRAVIS:
    Does the 311 group has a female singer? If not, don’t forget that Gwen is a mother before a rock star

  10. Gwen has stopped nursing quite a long time ago… Isn’t it a bit sexist to think a mother’s role is more important than the father?

    1. ROSE MARIE:
      Just because you stop nursing, it doesn’t mean that your children needs less of your attention. Also, her kids are still very young and I agree they need both of their parents but if one parent is already on tour or doing a job that requires a lot of working hours outside of the family home, why would the other parent should do the same and leave the kids with the nanny? Please remember that family comes first:)

  11. kind of a dud coming from tom.
    they DO have stuff going on. he could at least say “we have a few songs we’re sitting on and plan to get back into the studio in the fall” or something. not sorry absolutely nothing going on. lazy ass

  12. Tom just replied to my tweet… sorry! But they had so many time off that replying that he’s taking “this” summer of with the kids is kinda evasive.

  13. I agree Travis… Well said. Plenty of musicians (male and female) tour and put out albums while having a family life as well. I think the main difference is, those people WANT to do it. There’s a fire within them that ND don’t really seem to have anymore. I just started listening to P&S again after not listening to it since December and it has actually grown on me a lot. They gave up on it too soon. That whole era still puzzles me. Matchbox Twenty is another favorite of mine who put out an album during the same time last year and had one mediocre hit just like ND, yet they are STILL touring that album and releasing singles and have managed to sell at least 100,000 more copies than ND. And they also have families and are around the same age….

  14. I don’t think it was ND’s decision to give up on P&S. Remember how they still talked about a “summer tour” shortly before everything stopped? I’m sure Interscope pulled the plug, because P&S sold poorly.

  15. Thanks Amanda and Rose. In addition to what you said Gwen has a team of Nanny’s she can hire on top of having Gavin to help. Even after Jenny cleared up the understanding of that article it’s still obvious No Doubt has lost the motivation and whatever they’ve been doing is not working. In regards to what yeahyeahyeah said, if Interscope pulled the plug than that means No Doubt is not in control of their music and careers. Regardless if Interscope made the decision or not, No Doubt basically gave up on doing Push and Shove justice. Even though Return Of Saturn did poorly that did stop them from doing at least some touring across the U.S. My theory is either No Doubt lost motivation/inspiration as far back as 2004 and that’s why Gwen did her solo albums because she lost interest in the band, either that or Interscope is in control of making those decisions. I don’t know at this point. All I know is all the albums before they had families and before Gwen had her solo success everything was great, all those from Self Titled to Rock Steady were great. Everything with No Doubt became mediocre or turned completely to crap from 2004 on to now.

  16. Another correction… I meant to say “Return of Saturn did poor but that didn’t stop them from touring the U.S.”

  17. I feel like ND is in a dangerous place right now– look at the general mood of the fans! But at least negative comments are better than NO comments. When no one cares anymore, then worry. There is still time to be loyal to the fans. ND– I said it before and now Travis said it again– dump the Prince advise and make music YOU and the FANS will be pleased with– F*** the radio.

  18. Man, wtf is wrong with some of you, so called fans, that every time there’s a lack of news you jump down their throats and suggest they should break up? Seriously? Maybe it’s time for you to re-evaluate your lives. At least the members of No Doubt have got a life besides the band.

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