Tweet: No Doubt Reveal Yet ANOTHER New Song: “Push And Shove”

Wow — is this really happening? No Doubt revealed yet another song title to us that they are working on, “Push and Shove”! That puts the tally up to 8 songs that we know of so far that have been recorded for the album. Tom also put in that the wish they could share with us more than just titles, we understand of course, but we want to hear some of these songs so bad!

Tom also Tweeted that Major Lazer (whom was being rumored to be working with No Doubt!) was in the studio last night which pretty much confirms to us that they will be on the album! Pretty exciting!

@majorlazer in one of those rooms. Cutting drums with Adrian at the moment. -Tom
11 hours ago

We’re working on 3 different songs 2nite in 3 different rooms in the same studio complex, all at once. Like magic, somehow it works. -Tom
11 hours ago

Today’s track is entitled “Push and Shove” Wish I could disclose more than a title. -Tom
13 minutes ago

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