Tweet: No Doubt Rehearsing Together on Monday

Tom Tweeted out this morning how he can’t wait till Monday to rehearse with the rest of the band. Very exciting! He had shared earlier in the week that he had been practicing as well as Tony. No Doubt are headlining the Global Citizen Festival happening on September 27 in New York City.

Wishing all the best of luck to the band and we cannot wait to see them rock the stage together again!

Crossing our fingers for pictures and Tweets from the rehearsal!

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  1. It’s so obvious how much he misses making music and performing… I wish Gwen would commit to ND instead of another solo project 😉

  2. I don’t think it’s fair to “blame” only Gwen. I can only speak for myself, but to me it seems like ND still really enjoy playing together every now and then, but they don’t really enjoy working on new material. They’ve said numerous times how hard and exhausting the recording sessions of P&S were for all of them. I’m sure they will release new material at some point in the future, but right now this new combination of solo Gwen and ND just seems perfect. Gwen can promote the hell out of herself with all her new projects and The Voice and maybe gain some new solo fame, but still perform with ND on very special occasions. Everybody wins. I don’t think the guys are THAT hungry for fame and success anymore, but Gwen obviously still is. The guys seem to be very happy with all their projects and (obviously) families and I don’t think they are really missing anything at the moment.

  3. Blame is not the word I used. Gwen is their songwriter and muse so I think a lot of what ND does is dependent on her. I think Tom misses it and I think Adrian is down for anything, but I’m not sure about Tony. I’m a ND fan first and foremost even though I have enjoyed Gwen’s solo stuff. I will always prefer her chemistry and performances with the guys!

  4. I understand what you mean, but I don’t think it’s really that simple. I don’t think Gwen just had to say “Go!” and then ND would start working on a new album. If Gwen wasn’t doing all this new stuff, there’d be pressure again for ND to release something new (especially after their “new music in 2013” promise) and I don’t think that’s what they want right now.

  5. i guess that NoDoubt has understood that is difficult to come back after a long hiatus. Maybe, they are more lucid about their processus of creation. They won in maturity ? The next NoDoubt’s album will be probably a bigger stuff than P&S?

  6. That’s not what I said. I don’t expect Gwen to snap her fingers and out comes a ND album. You keep trying to put words in my mouth. I just prefer ND instead of solo stuff. That is all.

  7. Amanda, you said “I wish Gwen would commit to ND instead of another solo project”, which sounds like it’s all just up to Gwen what’s happening with this band. I disagree, that is all 😉

  8. mI really do think that what keeps ND from moving forward is the absence of Gwen Stefani. Without her involvement, there’s no band and that’s a fact. I totally get what Amanda is saying I just dont why people are jumping at her for what she’s saying. It’s a simple fact folks, no Gwen, no ND.

  9. Totally agree w Amanda & Cynthia.

    I think it comes down to the fact that if you make new music, you go “on the road.”

    By the time P&S album ready for tour, she was pregnant w Apollo.

    She said herself, she worked hard on her brands during the 10 month pregnancy, and then the Voice called after Apollo born and gave her the gig.

    And now…now that the world is really seeing the Gwen we all have known for years, wiry the the Voice, talk shows, Emmys, …she’s officially “Hollywood” now and not just lead singer for No Doubt.

    I bet she gets offered her own talk show, or replaces Christina on the Voice..

    You wait and see…

    Corporate America likes returns, and anything Gwen does, turns to gold!

    Kinda like Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5

    Gwen Stefani will probably always do reunion Pepsi tours, but I think she’s off and running for good this time

    And look how HAPPY she is

    Because she is a star…and we adore her and are so excited for her and her family!!!

  10. Thanks for the support ladies! I just find it unlikely that Gwen went to the guys this year and said, “let’s make some music” and the guys said no. Gwen has admitted in the past that NDs schedule coincides with what’s going on in her life. Whether it’s pregancy, solo albums, writers block, or family. Thankfully the guys have always been supportive, understanding and gracious about it. I know solo work makes the most sense for her life, but I miss ND…especially after we/they got shortchanged during the P&S era! I hope their show this month is a huge success and it inspires them to dust off the work they did last year or start working on some new stuff after The Voice and her side projects are over!

  11. Who knows what really goes on but them? I can imagine if the guys got together and said to Gwen we’re all so motivated to create new ND music and really go for it, Gwen would jump at it… but I bet it’s more them seeing all this opportunity Gwen is getting and they’re letting her go with it… They’re seeing that Gwen can seriously be one of the worlds biggest stars, I know Gwen has been before, even with ND in the past but I mean reach it once again.. I bet the guys don’t think it’ll be possible with ND after P&S not doing as good as they’d of liked! Tony always seems to be happy working on these side-projects; people never seem to say, why’s Tony working on other music and not No Doubt?

  12. I don’t understand why it is not possible for Gwen to simultaneously restart her solo career as well as new No Doubt material. I believe she will use her media resurgence to capitalize on both endeavors. It is smart. I say that the fans are in store for some major treats whether it is No Doubt or just Gwen. Expect a back to back media blitz.

  13. JAM – Tony is not the face of ND. He is not the lead songwriter and singer. The band does revolve around Gwen whether people like it or not. She has made some choices this year and I hope next year or the year after will be all about ND 😀

  14. I get that ND revolves around Gwen really; I bet there will be this whole crazy period of Gwen doing all this stuff, The Voice, new solo music, loads of appearances and back performing at all the award shows etc.. I don’t think Gwen can cope with it non-stop though, which is why she has these manic times and then there’s some form of slowing down or hiatus for a while.. I’d like to think new ND work would be created, off the back of this coming buzz to maximise all this coming publicity but I just worry that after a big buzz, the creativity might run low and then everything might become quite a slow process again but this is me being too negative and I bet they will somehow manage to do everything in one big up and coming successful swoop!!!

  15. It’s true that without Gwen there is no ND, but the same can be said about Tony, Tom and Adrian. That’s what makes it so difficult these days: Four indivdual lives, four totally different schedules and (as I believe) also totally different priorities. Maybe we should just accept the way it is right now. After all Gwen just recently said that she wants to release new music on her own as well as new ND music. Everything in time will come 😉

  16. I prefer Gwen focusing on a new solo album. As people have already pointed out, since they all have kids it’s harder for the four of them to get on the same schedule for recording, promotion and touring. With just Gwen, she can do things on her own timeframe and be more focused.

    The other reason I prefer new solo over new ND is that I found Push and Shove so underwhelming after such a long wait. It didn’t really have a strong direction to it either. Creating music should be fun, but all they talked about was how stressful it was. Solo Gwen would give her more freedom and since she would be relying on outside producers more, chances are that a solo album would be a lot more inspired.

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