Tweet: No Doubt Just Hanging Out


Wow! No Doubt shared a new group photo last night (presumably taken this weekend together) and they look absolutely incredible. We’ve heard that the event possibly was a wedding.

The band was photographed together earlier yesterday afternoon in Lake Arrowhead for Oktoberfest.

8 Replies to “Tweet: No Doubt Just Hanging Out”

  1. Are there any other photos from this event? I really want to see Gwen’s dress in more detail! They all look amazing!

  2. One thing that is really starting to annoy the crap out of me is that the press are saying pregnant Gwen Stefani in their reports WHY???? Why not just say Gwen Stefani.
    Ok she’s pregnant we get it already.

  3. ND is totalling how many kids now? If they plan to release a new album it will be nearly impossible to tour if they insist on taking the kids on the road.

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