Tweet: “Making New Songs, Planning a Tour”

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While we’re all waiting for some sort of announcement of the band’s upcoming plans (though we know that they plan on touring in the summer), Tom took to Twitter to update a fan.

Now if they could tell us what’s behind the new music (they have been photographed working with Shellback and rumored to be working with hip-hop producer Jim Jonsin), if we can expect a new single sometime soon, or when we can actually all start planning for their tour as well.

Hopefully something is announced soon, at least a new single to hold everyone over in the mean time. Sounds like it will be another busy year for the band.

@tomdumontnd @DearNoDoubt @gwenstefani @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd Making new songs, planning a tour! Details are still fuzzy 🙂

31 Replies to “Tweet: “Making New Songs, Planning a Tour””

  1. To be honest the “Details are still fuzzy” part kinda put me off. I feel that they should have released another single off P&S, while we’re still waiting for the new music.

    1. I agree. I’m going to be honest in saying that I’m really upset how this is all being handled at this point. “Looking Hot” was released over two months ago… there should be a new single out. It will be a huge bummer if the waiting game continues until they decide to tour.

  2. By the looks of it I can’t really see them releasing anything until March (and maybe I’m being too nice??…) 🙁

  3. Guys let’s come out clean and stop pretending push and shove is good, is an awful album commercially, musically and don’t get me started with the way interscope handles the promotion: epic fail. The fact that they’re working with a hip hop and a swedish pop producer really scares me. They take out their LH video and now they give up the whole album I don’t know, the older they get the lamer.

  4. Well, if you’re pretending then it’s your problem, SAD4ME. I can proudly say I love P&S album. Just because it didn’t do well commercially, it won’t change my opinion on the album and how much I appreciate its music.

  5. P&S is a good album, not great. Promotion can take a OK record and make it blow up. No promo that had merit left the record in a void. No Doubt is the band that never grew up, they get on the stage and its a bunch of 20-somethings having fun. If thats what they are into these days…so be it. Record company politics are a drain, can’t blame them for just doing their thing. (Like the 7 nights at the Gibson)

  6. This is good news! It doesn’t matter if Push and Shove wasn’t so successfull and acclaimed as the previous albums. For us fans, it will be always treasured, and even for fans that dislike the album as a whole, I think it’s safe to say that it has at least some gems that appeal to them.

    And I mean, new music and a tour in 2013?? Could things get any better than that??
    There certainly wouldn’t be any new music so soon, if the album had been MEGA successfull (although i wish it had been, of course!).
    It’s a great time to love ND! 🙂

  7. P&S is a good album, but not their best. I have a feeling they are recording some new stuff to possibly re-release the album. Maroon 5 did the same thing and it was a HUGE success for them.

    I’m not surprised there isn’t a 3rd single because they don’t really deserve one (commercially). The album is a flop and LH was a flop too. And I’m sure there was a lot of money put into the LH video and that obviously was a bust.

    The management and promotion of this whole era has been infuriating. Looking Hot should have been a hit in my opinion.

  8. It’s really sad. They talked how album sounded great and now, NOTHING!! Great song “Push and Shove” got a video, but it wasn’t to be released as a single!! Video of next song (Looking Hot) was pulled. I thought, that they make a new video (from live performance), or they release a new single. The promotion of this album is very very bad!! I hope, that they release some songs from PS album, before new songs. “One More Summer”, “Easy” or “Sparkle” could be release. I love how “Sparkle” sounds live. Please more songs like this..

  9. SAD4ME, im SO GLAD someone is at least honest!!!! im a huge ND fan and will ALWAYS support whatever they do, but the album as a whole did suck. And as far as promotion everyone keeps slamming, Looking Hot got soooooooo much promo its insane, just face it, THE SONG SUCKED & NO ONE LIKED IT. Its like interscope was forcing that song on the public, but you cant force something no one likes. Push and Shove in my opinion couldve been a GREAT BIG hit, its the only song on the album that isnt a slow downer song with potential.

  10. Yeah, I’ve been an obsessive fan throughout TK, ROS, RS, but I feel really lukewarm on P&S in general. It’s fine. There are some songs I listen to now and then. I really don’t like Looking Hot, and I’m not surprised it didn’t do well commercially. I wouldn’t be surprise if they release another single closer to summer when they’re promoting to go on tour.

    Either way I’ll always go see them on tour and will always buy their music. Do we need to know *why* they’re recording new music? I’m psyched for a tour, and if they do release new songs, I think that’s awesome. The music industry has changed… totally possible for them to just release some music without releasing a full length album.

    1. Kate, I rephrased what I originally wrote in the post. We don’t need to know why they are making new music (we all don’t mind at all!) but I guess I was just trying to say what’s behind the reasoning for new music. Re-release? Just because? It’s just incredible to find out they are already inspired to write again after struggling for so long.

  11. I really hate to admit this but I honestly think I forced myself to like P&S. Don’t get me wrong, after listening to it a million times, its definitely grown on me and i enjoy it now. But the problem here is that most people are not crazy obsessive NXD fans like me. The title track in my opinion is the best track and should have been a HUGE hit. The video is energetic and fun and it was the perfect second single. “One More Summer” i think would be a big hit on radio. I also think “Undone” is a very radio friendly song that could be a huge hit for the band and possibly crossover to the country stations. Honestly, there needs to be more radio promo. I’m sorry but radio promo should have been top priority. Lets get real here. Studio versions of songs sound the best hence radio promo!!!! Live versiona are great too but let the audience get to know the song first so they can be excited about wathing you on shows such as the Xfactor, etc.

  12. yeah this album and promo was a complete mess. push and shove (the song is insane, one more summer and sparkle live on the mini tour were fantastic!) but thats really it… blah and I’m one of the biggest fans of nd…i do feel a bit like i forced myself to like it …settle down was awful live in comparison to the other songs and the worst choice for a lead single… push and shove (song) was so fresh ….i don’t know but they need to work it out quick which looks like what they’re trying to do. for a live band they can’t do a tour with songs nobody really knows or cares about or ANOTHER singles tour….at least they’re hard at work so whatever happens at least we know it will happen quickly

  13. NXDBOY, I am with you. I would chop a finger off for this band. I love, love, love them but I forced myself to like Push and Shove. The anticipation was overwhelming and once I heard Settle Down on 98.7 I was confused. Was this the music No Doubt was tweeting about….the music Gwen kept playing in her car while driving throughout Hollywood?

    The record company probably spent a lot of money promoting this album thru different mediums but the general public did not bite the hook. They did enough problem to help get the album off the ground and it just didnt bite it. I get it…when Adrian or the guys say there was never a genre that they fit into and thats what makes No Doubt amazing but they seem to use this excuse a lot.

    Also how could the fans back them up when they did not even want to perform the songs live? Isnt that a bit weird? If I made an album, I wouldnt give a flying F&*K who loved it or not…I would go out on stage with the lyrics memorized and I would sell it live. After all they are a “live” band…..

    Anyways, I will forever love them and I still buy every album….buy every concert ticket and wait anxiously to meet them because they are my “thing”. Besitos.

  14. Push and Shove wouldn’t have done good as a single because of the live performances…They aren’t really a live band anymore.
    Does No Doubt watch their performances after? Do they read the feedback on what people are saying about them?

    1. Austin, I wouldn’t say that. Or even close. The *problem* is that a lot of the newer material doesn’t translate well live. Tom had even stated that himself in an interview with EW before the album came out. “Undone” was one that he said would be really difficult to pull off live.

  15. I agree with the comments about “Looking Hot”. It wasn’t a good enough song to be the second single. And it had lots of promotion but nobody liked it! I let my friends listen to the whole album and they BOTH thought “Looking Hot” was the worst song off the album.

    “Push and Shove” may have fared better but I don’t think it would have been a big hit either. I hate to say it, but I think No Doubt’s hits are over with. They can’t come up with a more radio friendly song than “Settle Down” which should have been a top 10 hit. One of my friends said it was their favourite track off the album which I tend to agree. I just think radio stations are not playing their music because their time is up. I did enjoy “Push and Shove” the album but not as much as previous efforts.

    If No Doubt learned anything from this flop of an album it would be that most of the fans wanna hear more reggae pop Rock Steady type material like “Settle Down” as compared to new wave or rock songs like “Looking Hot.”

    And yes I do tend to agree with some of the comments about the band not sounding so good live anymore. Their “Looking Hot” performance at the AMA’s was widely regarded as one of the worst performances of the night. Even Ke$ha sounded better guys. And “Push and Shove” sounds even worse live. I hate to say it but I would be very surprised if No Doubt ever garner a top 10 hit on the hot 100 again.

    1. Its not that there time is up, in my opinion is because of terrible promotion, you don’t know what would have happen if the video have not gotten taken down, and if all the mistakes were gone in terms of dates of single release, different performance booking, different single picking.

  16. P&S is a good album. The point is, they seems lazy. The promotion of Settle Down was not good. The single was weak. After that, Looking Hot or Push And Shove should have turned single with video before September 25. Also, they had a lot of opportunities for promote the album, performance in almost all of premiations and tv shows. BUT they dont. The Looking Hot video was released in November 2 (and the lyric video very after that. WHAT??), more than one month after the album released. I like Looking Hot, but seems like a Gwen Stefani´s solo career song (Easy and Heaven too). Looking Hot was sung live a thousand times, and it sucks. Why they just dont promoted the album instead of a fail single? I really want to know. Sparkle, One More Summer, Push And Shove and Gravity has potential as singles. I dont know why they are so lame with it. I hope they promote P&S back.

  17. There are a few cruel things written in this thread, but I hope they are reading what we say and take note…

    And I still don’t feel like P&S (the song) would have been a massive hit for them. Among ND fans, yes, it’s a favorite and I hope they perform it forever, but if you read comments about it from non-fans, they say they don’t understand what Gwen is saying, it sounds like two songs, it’s a mess, it’s crap, etc. I don’t think the masses would “get it” like we do LOL

    And I don’t agree that they will never get a “top 10” song again. They can if they really want to. It just takes a lot of hard work since they’ve been away for 11 years. They need to find a whole new fan base and they need to have more of a commitment to touring and promo…which is hard because of their families…

    1. Where have you read all that? Its only in the live performances that non fans had negativity about, they are all saying Gwen sucks live.

  18. “Push and Shove” would’ve been huge as a first single. Alternative radio would’ve loved it, Pop radio would’ve loved it, they had SO MUCH hype, etc. but what’s in the past is is in the past. They need some crazy radio-friendly songs, and much of P&S could’ve been radio friendly if it weren’t so overproduced, poorly-mixed, and over-thought. Spike Stent just drains the “No Doubt” out of their work. Moreover, I think they need to sit down and just start writing with guitar riffs again. I miss the Gwen & Tom collabos, and I miss Adrian and Tony being able to play for an entire song (and actually hearing them when they are playing). It’d be much easier for them to do this stuff live and would be so much more straightforward if they’d just ditch the drum machines, synth bass, and corny drum-machine filles and bass drops.The back and forth is what makes Push and Shove sound cluttered and the live performances sound so weird. Tom’s moog solos are awesome, Tony’s little synth flourishes are cool, but that’s exactly what they are — flourishes. Stuff that would’ve worked so well on radio like “One More Summer” and “Undercover” are earcandy, but there’s just too much going on that detracts from the song itself.

    Gwen will be integral no matter what — she’ll be loud and clear — all she needs is reverb for space. Her vocals were too loud on this album. Tom can have his wicked solos, Adrian can bang away, Tony can go all out, they can have fun synth parts, and Gwen can still be at the forefront: just listen to “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Stand and Deliver” (not that it’s amazing — but it’s so simple and sounds more No Doubt than anything they’ve released in over a decade) or Tragic Kingdom in its entirety.

  19. I’m afraid I have to agree with what has been said about this era’s live performances. Except for “Sparkle” at Jimmy Kimmel I didn’t really like any of them. I don’t think it’s the band’s fault, but those new songs just suck live… there is so much electronic stuff going on that they just can’t really bring on stage. I mean, you can barely hear any real instruments in the studio version of “Looking Hot”… it’s really not a surprise that it sucked live. It’s not a live song, just like “Settle Down” wasn’t.

  20. Wow I’m shocked people don’t think “Looking Hot” is a good song. I think it’s a great danceable tune with a kind of mischievous and playful vibe. 😉 . I think pulling the video pulled the rug out from under it, unfortunately. 🙁

  21. I know I’ve said it before, but I really do think that the band will release some sort of EP before going on tour. Other than that, Jenny is right, this has all been handled terribly. For me, it’s hard to even care anymore about what’s going on. I think I was initially into P&S when it first came out because I was so stoked to have some new ND music; after that faded, I can honestly say I haven’t listened to it in months. None of the songs are particularly strong, even the title track. It seems that everyone at this point is just going through the motions. And I still can’t get that analogy out of my head that someone stated on the ND forum on how liking ND is like being in love with someone who never calls you back. That’s sums it up pretty perfectly.

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