Tweets: Finishing Touches On Melodies

No Doubt is back at work today adding finishing touches to a new song while Gwen is finishing up lyrics! Tony apparently isn’t feeling well, oh no! We hope he feels better soon!

The band also stated that they are trying to get the album done by March!

Thx, the babies are excellent. So many now! -Tom “@Megan_ND_TW: @nodoubt how are the no doubt babies? Hope all your families are well!”
6 minutes ago

“@MarisolGee: I think Tom Should say hi to me and make the rest of my year <3 @nodoubt” Hiya! -Tom 40 seconds ago

“@HausOfHanHan: @nodoubt Hey Tom! Do you guys plan on going on tour when this album is out? Come to the UK?!” Hope so! -Tom

“@jarthon: @nodoubt do any of ya’ll have individual twitters?” Nope. All 4 of us use this one. -Tom
51 seconds ago

“@erikamonster: @nodoubt any yummy snacks in the studio today?” Carrots! -Tom
1 minute ago

“@Becca_KatyCat: @nodoubt when will the album be finished?” Wanna be finished by March. Will do out best. -Tom
1 minute ago

“@nodoubternate: @nodoubt Great new Tom!!! Does the song have a name yet!?” Not yet, let you know when it does 🙂 -Tom
20 seconds ago

Tony is here and helping too, but dealing with a stomach bug. Don’t vomit on the mic Tony! Haha -Tom
2 minutes ago

Good afternoon everyone. Gwen is putting the finishing touches on the melodies to this new song today. Words are next! -Tom
1 minute ago

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