Tweet: Final Cut of “Push and Shove” Video

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Tom Tweeted last night that he saw a final cut of the “Push and Shove” music video that the band filmed while in Brooklyn and in-air on their flight back from Minnesota. We have had doubts that “Push and Shove” would be the official second single cause of the lack of promotion from Interscope about it and how it hasn’t really been pushed since it’s radio-only debut.

Tom also hinted that they have picked a second single and would need to “gotta make a video asap” for it… which pretty much confirms it’s not “Push and Shove”. We do have hopes that the song will get released overseas as a single. Tom does makes us excited by saying that the video for “Push and Shove” would be up soon.

@tomdumontnd FYI just saw final cut of push and shove video. So rad, hopefully we get that up soon

4 Replies to “Tweet: Final Cut of “Push and Shove” Video”

  1. I wonder if Busy Signal will appear on it. It’s weird and looks bad when the “guest rapper” doesn’t appear but their voice does…

  2. Wait a second…so why are they making a video for Push and Shove if it’s not the 2nd single? Is Looking Hot actually confirmed by the band as a 2nd single? I’m so confused…

  3. Didn’t they ALSO shoot a video at the same time they shot Settle Down? Remember those pictures of Gwen singing in a car and it being recorded?

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