Tweet: Band Working On New Version Of “Undercover”; New Song “Sparkle”

W-O-W! Tony revealed another new song that the band is working on tonight — “Sparkle”! Wasn’t Gwen working on a song during the The Sweet Escape era named “Sparkle”? We think so… We are so curious and blown away by all the new songs we keep hearing about! The band was also in the studio working on “Push And Shove” and “Undercover”.

Diplo. Tony. Switch.
5 hours ago

Tom doing late night acoustic on “Push & Shove”
7 hours ago

Doing vox on “Sparkle”…Gwen is killing it right now! – Tony
9 hours ago

Sometimes you just gotta sing in the control room
3 minutes ago

Gwen sings “Undercover”
1 minute ago

Music gx
1 minute ago

Gwen Recording vocals on “Undercover” right now. It’s a new version and it’s EPIC. -Tom
4 minutes ago

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