Tweet: Adrian Bull Riding In Vegas!

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Viva Las Vegas! Tom confirmed as well that they are all there and responded to my question about their location. How exciting! He also said that Adro lasted about 30 seconds on the bull — that sounds like a record to me!

“@davidkincheloe: @nodoubt You guys have the greatest job ever.” yep 🙂
10 hours ago

“@La_War_Chika: @nodoubt how long did he last?” like 30 seconds
10 hours ago

@beaconstreet lynyrd skynyrd bar at the excalibur. -Tom
10 hours ago


Looks like Gavin is Tweeting from Las Vegas as well… is the whole band down there for something? We’re curious! Gavin Tweeted that they were having dinner at the STK in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Gavin confirmed to us that they are all in Vegas “working” — ahh! Hope they have an amazing time and enjoying some down time as well!

@beaconstreet yes -mainly because we’re working-otherwise down time in Vegas would be weird
2 minutes ago

How funny! The band shared a photo of Adrian riding a mechanical bull in Vegas tonight! Looks like he had a blast!

Adrian riding a mechanical bull in Vegas!
9 minutes ago

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