Tragic Kingdom-era clipping: For Fans Only

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So awesome! We just came across this old school clipping on eBay and while all of these facts are pretty well known by now, it’s cool to look back and think of the time when this was all new information for No Doubt fans! We went ahead and transcribed it below for you all.

If you listned to the radio this summer, you can’t help but know (and be addicted to) No Doubt’s catchy tunes like “Don’t Speak”, “Sunday Morning” and “Excuse Me Mr.” from their 1995 CD, Tragic Kingdom. And you’ve probably heard that much of this music is drawn from the real-life relationship between bassist Tony Kanal and lead singer Gwen Stefani, who’s since started dating Bush’s Gavin Rossdale. And no doubt most No Doubt Fans also know the tragic tale of how original member John Spence died, or how frustrated Eric Stefani left to become an animator for TV’s The Simpsons. But if you really want to know the nittiest, grittiest info on the band – which includes core-four members Adrian Young, drummer and Tom Dumont, guitarist – read on for some rarely revealed No Doubt facts!

Sweet Memories
Twenty-eight-year-old Gwen says her first memory is of she and her older brother Eric, stealing Oreos from the kitchen, scraping out all the white stuff and making a big ball out of it.

Double Duty? More Like Triple!
In the early days of No Doubt, not only was Tony, now 27, the band’s bassist and Gwen’s boyfriend, he was also the band’s manager.

A Permanent Fixture
Twenty-seven-year-old Adrian had a No Doubt logo tattooed on his upper right thigh.

Who Knew?
Tom, 28, was adopted and grew up in Orange County, California.

Gwen’s red vinyl dress, featured on the cover of the Tragic Kingdom CD, is an off-the-rack purchase from Contempo Casuals, a popular shop found in many malls. These days, the little red number no longer hangs in Gwen’s closet, but is enshrined at the Newport Beach Hard Rock Cafe.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Before he joined No Doubt, Tom was into heavy metal music. When he auditioned for the decidedly un-metal No Doubt, he put his long hair into a ponytail “to try and hide my metal thing” he said. Good thinking – it worked.

Scamming His Way In!
Adrian was a fan of No Doubt before he joined in 1989. He wanted to be part of the group so badly that when they needed a new drummer, he told them he’d been drumming for years. It was a lie but, it too, worked.

Leaving The Nest
Before Eric Stefani quit the band to be a full-time animator, he wrote one last song: “Bye Bye Birdie” was a sad farewell tune about a newborn bird who needed to fly off into the sky. The song was never recorded.

Are You Sure You’re Not That Girl From That Band?
Gwen sometimes checks into hotels under the pseudonym “Daria Blue”.

You Know It’s Love When…
For Valentine’s Day this past year, Gavin Rossdale gave Gwen a designer Prada dress and grey mittens. Gwen got him a silver fountain pen engraved with the phrase “G LOVES G”.

Skating Anyone?
Gwen has a yearly ritual of taking trip to Knott’s Berry Farm, an amusement park in Southern California, to see the Ice Capades.

Not only are they bandmates, but Tom and Adrian are roomates, too!

“Dad, help!”
On a visit to Paris, France last year, Gwen went jogging without any money or identification, got lost and had to call her father back in the States to find the address of the hotel.

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