Tour Updates Including Set Lists, Photos, And Posters — Help!

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Just wanted to give you tour followers a heads up that I have been keeping up with all the news going on including set lists, limited edition tour posters, photos, and more. Please keep your submissions coming — we have had so many donations to BSO from the tour, it’s been incredible! And we’re just getting started!

– The “Just A Girl” video has still not appeared on the tour.. and we’re starting to wonder why…

– Gwen will not be running into the crowds anymore on the tour like she did in Vegas, Fresno, and San Diego. Thanks to Mark who got the information from Gwen himself!

She said after San Diego she wasn’t able to run out into the crowd anymore. Security wrote her a letter the next day saying they would not be support it anymore. I told her it was crazy in Fresno splitting the pit into 2. She was like ya, I ran out into the crowd every show last tour, But now she has 2 kids and has to stay safe. These shows are crazier!

We still need your help though — we seem to be missing a few things!

  • Send us in your tour reviews!
  • Tour set lists (Complete!)
  • Tour photos by city (We need some from Bakersfield, Albuquerque, and Dallas!)
  • Limited edition tour posters by city (We’re missing Denver’s!)
  • 0 Replies to “Tour Updates Including Set Lists, Photos, And Posters — Help!”

    1. the poster for the Denver show wasn’t all that great in my opinion. I didn’t buy one or take a pic, but it was basically a black background with a couch and a walking stick laying across it. 🙁

    2. Hey jen i have bakersfield photos i can send to you can you please just tag them tho? I don’t have photoshop right now and i cant tag them myself. Just put Bo D. Photography. Thanks! Where do i send it to?

    3. Thanks for sending them in, Bo D! You’re the best – I’ll tag them when I get off work tonight.

      And thanks to everyone for submitting your photos! We’re all caught up now!

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