Tour Club Pre-Sale Website Re-Launched; Still No Dates

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Now don’t get too excited just quite yet…

But No Doubt did re-launch their musictoday website (which has been added to our official links list), where you will be able to access pre-sales and tour club information soon. This is what Gwen used for The Sweet Escape tour club in 2007, and seems to be the same way for the upcoming tour. It’s asking you to login using your forum (if you’re a member), but asks for a password that we obviously don’t have yet, and which the band will probably send out later on for us. Here is a little more information taken from the website:

Inside the Community members receive special benefits such as advance access to tickets and email alerts regarding shows, albums and special events. A list of the current shows offering tickets to the Community are listed below (STILL NONE AT THIS TIME). When we want to reach out to our fans, we will be reaching out to our Fan Community first, so please join. Thanks for your support!

Remember that BSO will deliver all the exciting tour news as it happens, you can count on us!

Also, The Sounds (an opening act on the upcoming tour) mentioned in a recent article that they will be touring for 3 months this summer, which kind of gives us a little insider information on how long the tour might run-through, if that includes No Doubt though.

LOL, the band probably thinks we’re sooo sneaky!

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