Download: Tony Interview with KROQ’s Kevin and Bean

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In the interview, Tony tells Kevin and Bean that it feels “incredible” to finally tell KROQ that the album is coming out; calling Push and Shove “a labor of love”. When No Doubt started the record, it was important to them all to spend a lot of time with their children while they were younger so they recorded to the album locally this time.

Tony reveals that he was at first skeptical about going on tour in 2009 because the band had no new material to offer. He now looks back and calls it “the biggest and best tour we’ve ever done”. And as far as inspiration for the band went, it worked (they ended up writing “Undone” just a couple of months later). Tony admits that just being around one another again got the creative juices flowing.

He says that No Doubt isn’t the type of band to just head into the studio and write hits in one day, “it doesn’t work like that for us.” “When things happen, they happen, and when they don’t, they don’t. It takes us some time to craft our music”. Tony says that they are not looking to fit into the pop scene right now, but just focusing on making music they are proud of. “At the end of the day, you’re writing for yourself”.

This is the first time that Tony has joined Gwen on vocals. They worked together on choruses, more specifically for “Undone”. The recording process was different this time; they would all come up with parts and come together on the best stuff. “It was a different way of writing”.

Tony said it was really tough picking “Settle Down” as the first single. Everyone has an opinion about the decision, including their friends, managers and label. “Settle Down” was a huge favorite among the group, “it’s a good one to start with”. “It is representative of the record, but there’s so much. It’s a typical No Doubt record. It’s all over the place.” Tony also reassures Kevin and Bean that there is some rock and alternative on this album.

As far as touring goes, Tony says that No Doubt “will go big” next year. This year is going to primarily TV shows and promo. The band plans on going to Europe a couple of times. He hints at a possibility that the band might play a couple of shows this year saying “you never know”.

Click here to download Tony’s interview with KROQ!

We’ve added the audio from Tony’s radio interview this morning and put it into a nice video so you can listen to the new interview. If you want to download the audio .mp3, use the link below!

KROQ posted an article this morning featuring some quotes from their radio interview with Tony this morning.

KROQ — When OC pop-rock icons No Doubt recorded their last album, the smash 2001 release Rock Steady, only drummer Adrian Young was married and none of the band members had children. Eleven years later and on the verge of finally revealing their sixth studio album, Push and Shove (due September 25) all four members are married and have eight kids between them. Not exactly the most conducive lifestyle for creating hot new party music.

“Especially for Gwen (Stefani) being a mom with two boys, you’re somewhat limited in studio hours that you can keep,” said Tony Kanal, No Doubt’s bass player in conversation with KROQ morning team Kevin & Bean. “When we made Rock Steady, we’d be in the studio all day, we’d go out and party all night. It was fueling and inspiring us. It was a different way of writing a record. This time, we’d get together about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so that way we could spend the whole day with our kids.”

Making the most of the time the No Doubt could spend in the studio writing and producing Push and Shove, they made a deliberate point of not rushing the process, no matter how long it took to get to the final result.

“We’re not the kind of band that can go in the studio and write a hit song in a day. It doesn’t work like that for us,” Kanal explained. “It takes us some time to craft our music. We have to get out there on stage and play these songs. At the end of the day, we’ve done this long enough to know that if you’re not happy with the songs, something’s not going to connect.”

While No Doubt fans continue counting the days until the release of Push and Shove, the band is set to perform as part of the annual season-starting NFL Kickoff game on Wednesday, September 5, alongside Mariah Carey.

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  1. Funny interview! Loved the beginning…”they haven’t put out new music since WWII” LOL And…”we’ve been together for 26 years….whoa whoa, you’re counting the 11 years?…. Ok…15 years together.” LOL

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