Tony Talks Rock In Rio; Confirms No Doubt Not Working On New Music

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In a new interview with OC Register, Tony discusses the band’s upcoming headlining Rock in Rio performance this May in Las Vegas and the “real family aspect to No Doubt”. The article also confirms that No Doubt are currently not working on new music.

Tony reflects on how touring has became a family affair for the band, whom are planning on bringing along all of their children for the show. “From our perspective, to look off and to see them watching, it’s pretty great. It’s an awesome feeling to have gone through all of the experiences we have together as a band and to now see our own kids there watching us.”

The band will be hitting the stage on May 8 for Rock in Rio and Tony calls it an “honor” for No Doubt to be performing at the legendary festival, which makes its debut in the US this year. “It’s exciting because No Doubt has never played Rock in Rio before. It’s actually an honor to be a part of such an iconic festival and the really cool thing is that the lineup is so diverse and it’s got something for everyone. I’m definitely planning on staying and checking out a few of these other artists and taking my daughters to experience some of these bands for the first time.”

OC Register confirms that No Doubt are currently not working on new music while Gwen focuses on her upcoming third solo album. Tony says that he’s happy that everyone schedules worked out for them to perform over the next few months together at various festivals and events. New music in the future has not been ruled out for the band since the article says “even after all of these years and some time apart, [No Doubt] keeps finding its way back together.”

Tony says that there has always been a “family aspect” to No Doubt and that no matter where their lives take them, they always have each other and the band to return to. “When we’re onstage, it’s so much fun to still play together. It always feels like home.”

Photo courtesy of OC Register and Billy Kidd.

18 Replies to “Tony Talks Rock In Rio; Confirms No Doubt Not Working On New Music”

  1. I don’t mind about new music but I hope they change the setlist a little. It wouldn’t hurt to include a non-single from P&S.

  2. That’s so sad. :/ I was so excited in the fall when she said she was working on new solo stuff and ND stuff simultaneously. Also, I hope she is still working on solo stuff? What’s going on with her album? (And I can’t wait to hear a studio version of start a war)

  3. Not working on new music ? Ofcourse not … why am I not surprised? And Gwen’s album “comeback” is starting to become a joke in my opinion….

    1. IMO, everybody knows that she only needs more time than expected. She doesn’t produce songs like handbags. lol

  4. I wish they’d be more open about what’s going BTS. It’s obvious they are under interscope’s big thumb. They might have pulled the project.

  5. Yeah I don’t even think she has worked on her solo album in months to be honest…if she gets a spot on the voice next season I could see her picking it up again otherwise I think the whole project will be scrapped.

  6. Breaking news: ND have no news to report!

    This photo is everything, though. Very cool. I wonder why they never used it during the P&S era? I feel like back then they used like the same three photos over and over again.

  7. ^ haha they should make t-shirts for the upcoming shows that read:

    Breaking news! “No news to report”
    Breaking news! “Nothing New”

    I’d buy one.

    So, if the band’s not making music and neither is gwen, what exactly are they doing then? Enjoying their lives? Great for them. Sucks for us!

  8. Well, at least we know that Gwen was straight up lying in everyone’s faces when she said that she was working on both solo and ND music… Nobody has worked on anything for months.

  9. I don’t think she was lying. I believe some of those tracks are either more suitable for her solo or No Doubt.

  10. Her lying, is just ‘hollywood/industry’ bullshit. Whenever a singer or someone in a band is asked what they’re up to its always, “yeah I’ve been in the studio blah blah blah”

    1. Yeah that’s what I meant. Artists/actors/singers always have “projects” going on when they are asked about what’s next for them. Most of the time they don’t have anything going on, but of course they’d sound stupid, if they said that. It’s the same with that answer Interscope gave Billboard (“she’s in the studio”). Yeah right… I don’t think Gwen has worked on anything ever since they scrapped all their plans after STF bombed.

      I just wonder what happened to the MasterCard campaign? Of course Interscope can just not release her album, but I’d assume that Gwen signed some contracts with MasterCard. Could she just get out of it? Or maybe she paid to get out of the contract and that’s why she has to play those ND shows now… to get the money back? I mean, why was Gwen’s manager talking about a solo tour and now she’d playing shows with ND? I hate how nothing makes any sense.

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