Tony on No Doubt’s Hiatus: “It’s Indefinite” (Updated)

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In a new interview with the San Diego Tribune, Tony spoke about his first experiences at Coachella in anticipation of DREAMCAR’s first festival performance this coming weekend, influences the band had while writing their debut album and what’s next for No Doubt.

When asked again what the future holds for No Doubt, Tony candidly shared that the band’s current hiatus is “indefinite” and further clarified that the band has no plans to reunite any time soon. He has very warranted ambitions and high hopes for DREAMCAR and finished by saying that they “could go on for a good long while”. DREAMCAR easily sold-out all west coast shows in a matter of minutes and they have been getting rave reviews on their tour so far by both fans and critics.

Below is an excerpt from the interview on No Doubt’s status:

Q: How long will No Doubt be on hiatus?

A: It’s indefinite. There’s been no discussion of doing anything any time soon. We just celebrated 30 years from our first club gig. If anything, our history has afforded us the luxury to be creative and do our own things. If there’s ever that desire to get back together and play shows, that (option) is always there. We’ll always be family and always have that shared history that no one else has. Reuniting is not something we’ve talked about. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: Is No Doubt done?

A: To clarify, there’s been no discussion of doing anything in the future, so we’ll see. Dreamcar could go on for a good long while.

Tony pointed out that No Doubt will always be family and have shared experiences together that could never break their bond. We know that posts like this are pretty repetitive but we felt like Tony’s statement was really clarifying of the moment. DREAMCAR is really starting to take off and we’re super thrilled for everyone involved!

In another interview with, Tony remains hopefully for a reunion in the future saying, “I think we’re on an indefinite hiatus right now. I would say we will definitely play at some point, but there haven’t been any plans or anything.”

No Doubt has been an obvious and burning topic for reporters in many recent interviews with Tom, Tony and Adrian, and we appreciate their honesty. We’re extremely grateful to have our favorite band still being creative outside of No Doubt and we’re always hoping sooner rather than later for an updates on the band. It’s incredible to see both Gwen and DREAMCAR being successful in their own rights and we’re excited to see what’s next.

14 Replies to “Tony on No Doubt’s Hiatus: “It’s Indefinite” (Updated)”

  1. No Doubt made it big when I was 17. I’m pretty thankful they supplied a lot of great music to fuel my high school and college careers. I’m ok with “indefinite “. I’m also glad they remain like family.

    Looking forward to DREAMCAR’s success.

  2. ND had a very good run and have created some great music, but it was obvious that they had a hard time getting back together after the first long hiatus. P&S was such an odd album trying too hard to recreate the magic of the past…

    They should only get back together, if they are REALLY into it. As long as this isn’t the case I am totally fine with an indefinite hiatus. I really don’t want another forced album.

  3. That’s fine if they aren’t into recording another album, but why can’t there just be a happy medium where they dust off their boots and play the greatest hits set they’ve been doing? Surely those five or six festival shows in 2015 weren’t that draining! They’re just so fantastic live, I hope everyone has the opportunity to see them play even if they never make another record.

  4. I don’t understand, when they did push and shove it was draining because they weren’t in a writing mood and it was a forced reunion…but now they are all writing…why can’t they just do it together? I’m grateful for Gwen’s solo record but I’m upset that she didn’t write it with no doubt, I’ll just never understand why she did that. I try so hard not to be judgmental because I love them so much and I want them to be happy and I’m so glad that they are living their lives and feel good but I agree with Lane, there’s no reason they can’t still tour…AFI is still touring, why can’t no doubt? I used to think it was because Gwen didn’t want to sing songs about Gavin but she sang Underneath it All on her solo tour, so once again I’m stumped! I just hope I get to see them live again one day, and I hope it’s an intimate acoustic tour, and I hope they get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…the end! 🙂

    1. Just because they can write music separately doesn’t mean that they can also write music together.

      It’s a different process. When Gwen does her solo stuff, she can do whatever she wants. When ND are writing together it is always about making compromises, because they are four equal individuals with different ideas.

      Have you never worked in a team? It can be really frustrating when the others don’t get your ideas.

  5. I do have faith that they will do some form of shows in the future, maybe years down the line. Most bands do. I love the idea of something acoustic. I still listen to their albums all the time, they’ve given me life changing music so whatever happens is ok I guess. I agree I don’t want another forced album. I also don’t want another “Truth”, but like I said at this point you just gotta be ok with things the way they fall.

    1. I would love another Gwen solo as long as it is different from truth. I think truth was a really rare occurance for Gwen, and if she did another album, I hope it would be with specific inspirations and different writers and producers.

  6. I thought the boys started the idea of this new band on 2014. Maybe they realize they won’t write new music again after Gwen had another baby and her having no inspiration to write then. When she’s inspired to write again the boys probably already on their way with Dreamcar and Gwen didn’t tell them about her marriage falling apart when they did the shows together, so she couldn’t write with them without revealing what went down. Even they manage to write, tour will be hard with Gwen, she decided Truth tour last minute and strictly in summer because of the kids schedule.

  7. I still want them to play Undone, so they better reunite in the near future for some shows. Maybe they should release an acoustic live album. That would be awesome.

  8. The changes Gwen was going thru in her life were very daunting and solo. Truth could only be written by her as she was the one experiencing the chaos. It sounds like they aren’t closing the doir to reuniting so that’s good.

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