Tony on DREAMCAR and the Status of No Doubt (Updated)

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In a new interview with Rolling Stone promoting the release of “Kill For Candy”, Tony spoke about the future of No Doubt and how different DREAMCAR is from anything that they’ve worked on in the past.

When asked the obvious question, Tony made it abundantly clear that DREAMCAR is a completely new and separate project from No Doubt. He emphasizes that nothing compares to No Doubt and there were never intentions to “reboot” the band and nothing will change within the four core members. “…No Doubt is four people, and that could never be recreated or replicated. This is a completely different project, and we would never, ever characterize it as anything to do with No Doubt.”

Tony confirms that the band is continuing it’s hiatus with everyone working on their own agendas at the moment. “No Doubt will always be there.”

What does the future hold for No Doubt?

I think it’s the kind of situation where you go through different phases. Right now Gwen’s focusing on her solo stuff, and we’re focusing on Dreamcar. No Doubt will always be there; we’ve experienced things together that no one else will ever experience with us. It’s a family that will always be there, and the music we’ve created will always be there. We’re just going through a period where everybody’s kind of doing their thing.

In another candid interview with Rolling Stone last June, Gwen also opened up No Doubt saying that she felt that the group had started to grow apart musically which led to struggles while writing Push and Shove.

You worked so hard on the last No Doubt record, and it didn’t connect. Is that band over?

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with No Doubt. When Tony [Kanal] and I are connected creatively, it’s magic. But I think we’ve grown apart as far as what kind of music we want to make. I was really drained and burned out when we recorded that album [2012’s Push and Shove]. And I had a lot of guilt: “I have to do it.” That’s not the right setting to make music. There’s some really great writing on that record. But the production felt really conflicted. It was sad how we all waited that long to put something out and it didn’t get heard.”


Adrian was also asked about the status of No Doubt in a recent interview with Do The Bay saying that the band “will always exist” and that they are just “inactive at the moment.”

While there no obvious projects in the works for No Doubt at the moment, we’re confident and excited for many new things coming in the near future with DREAMCAR’s upcoming album and possibly new music from Gwen (which she alluded to in a recent interview with InStyle). We’re hoping No Doubt regroups sooner rather than later since their undeniable chemistry and craftsmanship with each other is what we fell in love with in the first place. We’re extremely grateful and excited for all of the new music on the horizon!

25 Replies to “Tony on DREAMCAR and the Status of No Doubt (Updated)”

  1. I have wondered if DREAMCAR will play ND songs during their live shows like Gwen has been doing solo. I’m curious what their setlist will look like seeing that no one will know anything except the new single.

    1. That would be like Davey covering ND. It’s not the same thing. Gwen performed those songs solo cause she’s the voice of No Doubt. It’s a different situation. I can see them covering some songs from the 80s though. Adrian said he’d like to cover David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream.”

      1. That’s what I was wondering. Maybe some old school ones. I don’t think they will, but it’s possible. If Gwen can do it, so can they.

  2. I hope that Gwen gets a little bit jealous and that the bug to create music with the band starts to kick in. Hahaha!

  3. It’s such a relief to hear Tony say that No Doubt is only on a hiatus and not broken up. This just gives us hope that they will play and/or make a new album in the future!

  4. Well, Tony has made it very clear that this is a whole new project that has nothting to do with ND, so I don’t expect them to perform ND songs.

  5. Flying? No need to be rude about it. It’s just a discussion, which hasn’t happened much around here lately. Like I said, I don’t think they would, but it’s possible they could throw one in just for fun.

        1. Lol?? I am not him/her, but I see you keep riding your high horse over here lady. I know exactly who you are and you’re not exactly the easiest person to get along with. I’m mostly a lurker on this site anyway.

          1. Why are you lying about it? I was gonna say welcome back, but apparently you haven’t changed much in your absence… All you had to say was sorry and it would be squashed. We never had problems before.

  6. Actually, I think it would be a little funny, if they performed IML. It’s not a ND song, but at the same time it is… somehow. Could be a nice little nod towards ND.

    1. Exactly. Just as something fun to do. A treat for ND fans who are supporting their new project. An ode to their past 😀

  7. Amanda G, LOL. Think whatever you want. You’re the one who’s being rude here. Now you’re calling me a liar??? You know zero about me. Have a nice day sweetie.

    1. How am I being rude? You are the one calling me names. Be a man, fess up and apologize. You and I both know that I am right. Not sure why you are lying about it and lashing out at me. I don’t care that you changed your screen name and I don’t think the posters you had issues with even come here anymore. I had nothing to do with why you left so I’m not sure where all of this hostility is coming from.

      1. Where did I call you names?! Are you alright hun? And why should I apologize when I did nothing to you?!?! I’m not that fan you think I am. It is not my problem that you continue with this dilemma. I’m not here for the drama. I just thought it was ridiculous to even think they’d perform old school songs. Sorry for having an opinion?! Calm down. Have a mimosa. Enjoy your Sunday. Keep being that bitter person. You’re doing it right.

  8. You’re not fooling anyone man. peek-a-boo at the forum, hustla, and ndlover are all the same person. Don’t respond to my posts in the future.

    1. I thought we were done? Draw whatever conclusions you want. Not my problem. Like I said before I started posting here recently after so many years of being a lurker. I’m out of here. Bye

  9. Ha I thought immediately when I saw that ‘you’re flying’ comment ‘hey NDlover is back’ lol.

    Seriously though I think the chances of No Doubt ever making music again as a band are slim to none. 🙁 Gwen said it herself that she and tony have grown apart musically.

    I have to say that Kill for Candy sounds like it could’ve been a leftover track of the Push and Shove album. I glues that was the direction the boys wanted to go.

  10. It would be cool to see Dreamcar do a ND cover, and also an AFI cover in their live show. As for Kill for Candy, I probably wouldn’t listen to it if I didn’t like the guys, but I’m happy they are doin their own thing. I’m still gonna try and see them live (if they release more dates!) because I think it’d be a cool show. I love they’re playing hole in the wall venues. I hope their entire album isn’t 80s.

  11. I still think it’s super funny seeing the guys release such a pop-ish 80s song lol. All those years Gwen was blamed for ND becoming more pop and less rock/ska by many fans, but now without Gwen the guys just still won’t return to their rock-ish past.

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