Tony Answers Question #3 on Facebook

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Tony answered the band’s third question from their ongoing Facebook fan feature.

Here’s fan question #3 from Cheechasaurus Rex!

Can you describe your writing process for this record?

“The really big difference between writing this record and the ones before was that we’re all parents now. It was all about trying to balance being parents with making a great album and getting enough time to do each thing well. I think finding the time each day to make that schedule work for all of us was a bit tricky. There was definitely a “Push And Shove” when it came to that. We’d get in the studio around four o’clock every day and listen to a lot of music together to get us inspired. We’d ease into the creative process. We found that was the best way to do it. It was very much a “social” way of writing that was very different than previous records.” – Tony

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