Tonight's Concert "Traditionally Shrouded In Secrecy"

According to The Daily Mail, in the past the Kennedy Center Honors concert artists and songs they chose for tributes are usually kept secret, meaning that’s why nothing has officially been announced anywhere. But we will let everyone know what we find out as soon as we can! We know everyone is on edge about the show tonight and want to know what’s up!

Daily Mail — Saturday night’s formal dinner will be followed on Sunday with a concert, the details of which are traditionally shrouded in secrecy.

However, Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler let slip during a radio interview that McCartney had contacted him to perform.

‘He asked me to sing the last four songs of Abbey Road so I said ‘Umm OK.’ (I’m) doing it,’ he told American radio station 95.9 WATD-FM.

With its high wattage guest list it promises to be a memorable event, but not everyone finds the honours ceremony tasteful. The New York Times once called it ‘more mortifying with each passing year’, adding that it should be ‘laughed off as Washington’s own philistine answer to Hollywood’s Golden Globes.’

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