Tom Responds To Fans Frustrations And Questions About The Album’s Release

Tom took to the official forum this afternoon to address some fans frustration and questions about the album’s release date. To us, it’s common sense that they don’t have a release date due to it not being finished, and Tom pretty much confirmed that. I understand that fans are frustrated (trust me, I am so ready for new music!) but they all have families of thier own, other projects and thier own lives. They have given us so many updates on the progress of the new album, and it’s all sounding so incredible. We just need to be a little bit more patient, I have a feeling in the next few months or something things are going to start getting huge!

Hi everybody. We don’t know a release date because it’s not finished. No one wants the album out sooner than we do! To make the long story short, we really want it to be great, and have kept writing and recording for the past year and a half in pursuit of that goal. Yep we’re parents now and our kids and families come first, I think everyone would agree. So maybe that’s slowed our pace a little bit. The good news is that the album is truly sounding incredible and we’re really making magic here. When it’s out, it’s out forever, no point in releasing crap, right? Why not shoot to make the best ND album yet? Anywho, thanks for caring and for your incredible patience, you’ll be rewarded I promise! Best, Tom

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  1. I wish Tom didn’t have to explain for the band why they don’t have a release date. Shame on those “fans” for being harsh with their anxiousness for the release. It’s not like it’s NOT going to happen. It is happening that’s why they’re tweeting their progress.

    I don’t want a “fast food” version of a new ND album. I want “gourmet”.

    Good things come to those who wait =) I will wait patiently…

  2. I read the latest twitter post before I read this. I can’t believe fans are frustrated! The band is giving us so many fun tid-bits and sneak peeks. I’m excited and I love the tease. I think all this fun communication from them online is going to be help the release of the album be HUGE.

    Cannot wait!

    I’m a HUGE FAN of Anticipation if you can’t tell.

  3. I think the reason fans are so frustrated is that there seem to be so many delays. I understand they wanted to reform in 2009 and go on tour to get reinspired but seriously, just give us an end date so that we stop dying of anticipation. Like the pics are great but they don’t do much. Release a new song even if it won’t make the album. They need to do more to tide us over. This record better be MAJOR and not just Major Lazer.

  4. I don’t understand: are people stopping their own lives for the release of this album? I want this album out yesterday but there’s no need to be harsh with comments like:

    “stop posting pics and give us music”
    “stop teasing us and get back to working on the album”

    That is rude and inconsiderate. Be thankful No Doubt is even creating music right now.

    Learn to be patient. Unless you have somewhere to go….

  5. I can see the disappointment/frustration because they have made us wait TEN years; HOWEVER, these fans should not be rude or demanding. ND are being very generous by including us in the recording process. The only thing I hope for is that it’ll be released by early 2012 at the latest. Until then, keep working on those great songs! The more songs the better people!

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