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Hey ND community!

Just a belated Happy Holidays to you all, and of course Happy New Year as well!

There’s a variety of news to report here, starting with of course the new ND album.

We’re eager to get together and make some great music this year. It’s been awhile and absence makes the heart fonder, and we’re feeling very very fond of making some No Doubt stew for ourselves and for you too.

What else? Oh yeah time keeps passing and I am stoked to be turning 40 this week (I’m the first in ND to do so- the “old man” of the group I suppose.)

Plugs- Recently I produced the second album for my friend Matt Costa, it comes out this month on January 22.

Check out more info here and here.

I’m working with my buddy Ted Matson on the music score for a Documentary Film entitled “The Providence Effect”. More info on that in the coming months.

What else? Oh yeah Mieke and I are pregnant again, due in June, don’t tell anyone- Shhhh:)

Okay that’s it for the moment. Have fun out there!!!


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