Tom On No Doubt’s Hiatus, Touring, VolleyPay and His Upcoming Side Project

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Long Beach Post has posted an incredible new piece on Tom featuring an interview on the band’s hiatus, his love for touring, a new app that he’s been working on and revealing work on a music side project.

Tom says that he never aspired to live in Hollywood and has loved living in Long Beach, California since 1997. “Now that I’m a parent, my life has changed because when I started out living in Long Beach in the ’90s, I was really happy I could walk to and home from the bars on Second Street… As I started having kids, I don’t go to bars anymore, so my life here revolves around my kids and being a dad. We enjoy the beach and the bay.” Tom finds his community family friendly and couldn’t see himself living anywhere else — including Orange County where he grew up.

On touring with No Doubt, he says that they still only have a few shows booked for the summer (including Napa, Las Vegas and New Orleans) and says that more dates could be on the way. He mentions how the band is still on a hiatus while Gwen releases her new album and is unsure about returning to The Voice for another future season. “I don’t know if she’s going to do The Voice next year, but she’s expressed a desire to do that because she really enjoys that, and I’m happy for her.” He says that doing festival shows now after having a family is easier on everyone. Tom says that he misses touring and can’t say for sure if the band will hit the road anytime soon. “I do miss touring, though. I hope we can do it again, but it’s so hard to predict the future. I just don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

He says that he misses being with the band and experiencing the world together but he’s come to expect it after embracing parenthood. “It’s just harder when you’re parents. Traveling becomes that much more expensive and challenging as a parent to have to work and be on the road at the same time. It’s just not the same as it used to be.”

During No Doubt’s downtime, he’s been focusing on his community and local politics. As fans may remember, Tom composed the music for Long Beach mayor candidate Robert Garcia’s campaign video bringing along a few of the band’s crew.

Tom reveals that he’s also been working on a new app with a local Long Beach group called VolleyPay, which he hopes to have out by late spring. The article describes the iPhone app as a way to “accept ApplePay, credit cards and digital payments with only your iPhone. No bank required.” He says that his team have been working on the prototype over the last couple of months and says it’s been really fun. “Being a musician is obviously very creative, and I feel like there’s so much going on in tech and software that it’s certainly an exciting world. I love all of that and putting my ideas into that world. Long Beach is very inspiring.”

He also spills the beans that he’s been working on a new side project of his own and is wanting it to be out by the end of the year. “It’s kind of like a side band thing that I’ve been working on and recording a lot, and it involves other musicians who are kind of well-known.” Sounds exciting! Tom doesn’t share much more about it saying it’s in the “secret stages” right now.

Photo courtesy of Tom Dumont.

39 Replies to “Tom On No Doubt’s Hiatus, Touring, VolleyPay and His Upcoming Side Project”

  1. What a wonderful article on Tom! I feel so guilty all these years…so much focus on Gwen (rightly deserved), and see this incredible and in-depth look at Tom, his passion for his community, supporting brilliant new politicians;, his incredible family values…seriously. This makes me more proud to be a fan then if they forced themselves to go into the studio and tour just for the sake of staying “on top”. Its a sign of well grounded people; and not fame hungry celebrities who can’t bare the thought of not being in the public eye. Why this band is so incredible. The four have been so real, for so long. Such a proud fan!!!

  2. Thanks BSO team for this, I enjoyed reading about Tom and the things he has going on. Its great that No Doubt will be touring this year hopefully I get to see them play live again.I was wondering if Tom is teaming up with the guys from Blink 182, since one member(Tom?) isnt with the band anymore.

  3. Love tom 🙂 so he basically confirmed that gwens statement of her working on both ND and solo at the same time is false lol.

  4. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that nobody has been working on new ND music for quite some time, so I don’t really understand why Gwen keeps on saying it? Ok maybe she feels guilty for going solo again and wants to tell people that everything is alright and that ND are still around, but why making promises? Everybody will end up disappointed again, because obviously there isn’t new ND music on the horizon. I’m sure there will be new music at some point in the future, but it definitely won’t happen soon. I think many fans actually believe that once Gwen is done with this new solo “era”, there will be a new ND album around the corner already and that’s definitely not happenig. We’re still waiting for this solo album that was supposed to be out before Christmas and that is said to be out “later this year” now… I guess the new plan is to get Gwen back on The Voice and then release the album during the new season.

  5. After reading the article I get the feeling that even after Gwen’s solo is done as for ND there is nothing definitive. Who knows what really is going on but obviously is more thn Gwen wanting to do her own thing.

  6. After reading it, I got a strange feeling that they are not “communicating” as friends but through their management. For ages I’ve been dying for the boys to work on side projects, like new bands. It would be so good to get music from all of them even if its not ND, cause I think they are very talented individuals.

    As for Gwen solo album, someone here mentioned before and I also believe we might end up getting nothing… again, just a feeling.

  7. Basically he said that nobody cares about No Doubt right now. And he also said that we would expect a new No Doubt later in 2018…

  8. Jesus, some of you guys are so cynical. Relax, let things happen. What if they release the next No Doubt album in 2020? They’re still together. They’re playing some local shows, which is convenient for all of them considering they have like 12 children between them.

  9. @NDlover your positivity always amazes me. Let’s face it. Gwens solo era is being handled even worse than Push and Shove was. I don’t see what good it would do to wait and release the solo album in the fall when/if gwen is on the voice. It didn’t help her out the first time so I doubt it will the second time. I have lost faith in Gwen’s management and team. I know she may be a bit of a faded star but they really put no effort into her comeback. I think we will be lucky if we hear anymore singles because the album will likely be shelved. I cannot stress how big of a mistake it was on Gwens part not to promote BDL. If you didn’t like the song then why the hell did you record it let alone release it as a single!? STF was just a mess overall, the song being late on itunes, not being sent out to radio, and 95% of the public thought it SUCKED, it should never have been a single. And now we have Tom saying there is no new ND material being worked on, confirming that Gwen has been telling us BS all along. Its cool that she is doing this solo show on the weekend, but why the hell aren’t more dates being added? What is the point of doing one small show? I know this post will be seen as being very negative but as a long time fan of ND and Gwen I am so disappointed with this era and wanted my thoughts to be expressed.

  10. I’m not at all surprised there’s no ND music on the horizon. I wouldn’t even be surprised if P/S was their last album. They always make recording out to be such a drag and they have such big families that they probably don’t have the time to really invest in it. And it’s not about being negative, it’s about acceptance of the way things are. They are in their mid-40’s, they have large families, and they’ve already given some really great material and years to us. I’m about 50/50 on if Gwen’s album will see the light of day. I think it all depends on if she gets a 2nd season on The Voice. And I agree Gina, Gwen’s “comeback” was handled so badly by her and her team.

    I thank Tom very much for his honesty.

  11. I’m sure No Doubt has already some songs waiting to be (re)worked. It’s not like Gwen was making all this up. Obviously she’s focusing more on her solo material now. And with the MasterCard deal more dates will follow. Don’t expect her to announce a full tour cause she won’t. I shouldn’t be posting this cause it’s not supposed to be made public but don’t expect more than 10 concerts. Some of these will be international and I won’t say more. And to those who keep saying her album won’t come out you’r really deluded. Even though STF was a flop she will release the album sooner than you expect. Of course I can’t tell anything about the new single cause I haven’t heard it. I don’t have access to it, but this person told me it will smash and catch people off guard. Time to say, brace yourselves. lol At least I hope so, but I won’t hold my breath until I hear it.

    1. Well, if there is one thing, we should’ve learned by now then it is that Gwen talks a lot of BS (unintentionally I suppose) all the time. Remember how she said that “Shine” was a ND song? At this point I’m sure that most of the material ND worked on in 2013 got scrapped – if those songs ever made it past rough demo stage. It’s been two years since they last worked on that material, I really don’t expect it to be released anytime.

      Now with the things you seem to know about Gwen’s next steps: I really hope you’re right, but I find it hard to believe all that. Even if Gwen releases another single soon-ish, there is no way to tell if this will do better than BDL and STF. I remember that you were sure about STF being a big hit for Gwen and we all know how this turned out 😉

  12. I hope you’re right ndlover, although I do think you’re making everything up as you go along, then if it does turn out to be true you can say you told us so. If not you can just pretend nothing happened, I mean, this is just the internet remember? :p
    I also seem to remember you were sure bdl would be a smash so…

  13. The guys should get rid of Gwen, hire another girl and start making new ND albums!
    Gwen obviously does not care about ND anymore, she just cares about her clothes, shoes, perfume, cartoon, solo shitty music. She’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$

  14. I’m not deluded. In fact, I’ve been right with most of my predictions because I’m realistic about their place in the business right now. People also thought BDL or STF were going to be huge hits and they weren’t even close to being right, so I’m afraid a 3rd single will bring the same results unless Gwen and her team can correct the mistakes they made late last year. Of course I want new music, but timing is everything and you have to keep expectations in check!

  15. Let’s face it: ND love to play their old hits, but they have a hard time to record new stuff. The same can be said about Gwen solo: Her old songs still kill big time, but she is not able to recreate this kind of magic despite working with everybody and their mother. I think ultimately Gwen/ND will become a mere best of act. A Vegas residency in the near future seems plausible.

  16. I dont see how people are sure we won’t get a new Gwen album. There has been so much media coverage and hype it just has to happen. More clues point to a yes than a no.

    It is very strange for her to keep saying that she is working with the band though. what is to be gained from lying? To Keep the remaining few fans happy? To stop rumours of a ND breakup from spreading? Both scenarios don’t make much sense because it’s not 2004 anymore. the general publics interest in ND has long faded.

    1. I guess she feels guilty about going solo again, especially after the broken “new music” promise in 2013 and that’s why she keeps on talking about possible new ND music.

      I’m afraid communication within the band is just as bad as their communication with fans. I don’t think Gwen and the guys really know what’s going on. Yes, they are doing some festivals in May, but apart from that they seem to have very different visions for the general future of ND.

      You’re right about Gwen’s comeback getting quite a lot media coverage, but that doesn’t really mean anything in the end. If the label refused to release her album for whatever reason, nothing could stop them. It has happend to way bigger artists before and it can happen to any artist. Especially Interscope is notorious for pulling the plug quickly. Even Gaga’s ARTPOP era got cut short due to a lack of success, which is ridiculous condiering how well she still did compared to many other artists. Ultimately Gwen doesn’t need a new album to do the MasterCard campaign or The Voice, so I really don’t think anything about this album is certain at this point.

  17. Its nice to be able to post my true feelings without getting hate. And I agree with Amanda, a lot of people did think STF and BDL would be huge hits but they weren’t. I don’t think Gwen or ND will ever have a “huge” hit again as they are out of their prime but it would nice to see them have a minor hit at least, and BDL could have been one.

  18. Lally, whatever floats your boat. Like I said, I won’t hold my breath cause I haven’t heard the new single. I thought STF would do decently on the charts and look what happened. I think all the fans are hoping for the next single to be something amazing and be a moderate hit. Otherwise I can’t see her releasing a new No Doubt album anytime soon. Unless she decides to end her contract with interscope.

  19. @GINA & @AMANDA G i totally agree!!!!!


    & sorrrry @NDLOVER i dont mean this rudely but whatever “info u cant say”…….you were there one who said STF was gonna be a “huge hit mark my words”, your loyalty and hope is cute and really nice. its great nd has fans like u



  21. I’ve been a DIE HARD supporter since ’94, DIE HARD, almost embarrassingly. supporting none-stop nearly over 20+ YEARS, i pray and hope to god a solo album doesnt see the light of day (i personally dont see it).

    Gwen, i have loved you and supported you at times with every nickle and dime, i love you with alllllllllll my heart.

    but i gotta be real a 45 year old woman rapping, “OMG OMG IM BACK AGAIN” with such juvenile emojis—–no ones feeling that. At 45+ Madonna did it right with “Ray of Light” & “Confessions on a Dancefloor”—-shes lost it now and im not a fan of hers at all.

    I remember in interviews before shed say something like “when im older with kids and not making music anymore ill still have a creative outlet blah blah” —i wish shed stick to that, cuz as HARD AS IVE RIDDEN FOR ND&G, its just getting embarrassing. Give me crap if u want or if im “being negative” but truth be told its people like US who have supported her to the levels shes been able to reach. i remember even in one interview i think she flat out said “thank you for giving us this life”

  22. Whoa its so negitavie, I hope No Doubt make another album, Im chill with them taking their time and makeing a album they feel proud of. Second, Im also happy that Gwen is able to be creative and work on solo stuff, I love her solo stuff too. She deserves to find a creative outlet outside of the band. I know Adrian, Tom and Tony have their own creative stuff goin on as well. I hope Tony produce more music and work with Gwen again. And looking forword to Tom surprise music with other artists. Adrian should creata a band when he’s not with No Doubt, I would love to see Adrian as a lead singer in a band, I always pictured him as one.

  23. Bob, Gwen isn’t here to please you. If you don’t like her new material at all and if you feel that she’s become an embarrassment, then don’t support it/her. Maybe the problem isn’t her, but yourself. Move on. It’s really just as simple as that. Last time I checked she’s doing music she likes, for fun. That’s the case with Spark The Fire, liking it or not. That’s why I prefer STF over BDL, cause it’s totally Gwen at the end of the day.

  24. Omg. How did a wonderful feature article on Tom and the amazing things he’s doing, interested in, become an outlet to put down Gwen????

    A) No Doubt replacing Gwen is like saying you’ll get a new filling for Reese’s peanut butter cups. We all know its that peanut butter that makes the candy.

    B) Why can’t fans just sit back and enjoy whatever they do. BDL & STF are both great songs. Love them both. They are fun and fresh and new…

    C). I think its not so much about NO DOUBT, as it is about really respecting Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian as individuals who have worked so hard, are changing and growing as everyone does (are you the same as you were at 18? 24? 32?)…

    This notion that Gwen is disappointing legions of people because she’s living her life (a married mother of 3), is just not true.

    Why can’t a 45-year old rap and have fun? That’s who Gwen is. She’s fun and expressive and young at heart…does she look 45 or 25.

    Instead of viewing this time of their lives as something bad, or controversial…I guarantee you each of them is probably the happiest they’ve ever been, as they are enjoying professional success while raising families.

    And they are real people who only wanted a Simple Kind of Life…

    Which is why we all connected to them to begin with…No Doubt.

  25. ^ Well said, Amy! I think we should be thankful they’re still around. Music isn’t their #1 priority. Keep that in mind. Family, especially their children, will always come 1st.

  26. i typed what i felt, negative a bit, but it is what it is to me. i wasn’t spewing hate! ND has been my heart 20+ years. all i ever try to point out is the reality that there #1 priorities have changed as they should. gwen, tom, tony, adrian are all regular people too. gwens “projects” right now are all contractual obligations she has to fill. if it weren’t for the voice there prob wouldn’t be all this.

  27. I just want to be friends with Amy and NDLOVER. You’ve both summed up my thoughts beautifully. We don’t get to dictate anything about their music or careers. We just get to go for a ride when they decide to give us one. I’m always and thankful and excited when something new is created. Maybe I’ll see you guys tomorrow night! 😉

  28. Based on the interview with Tom and other interviews I have read is it appears that the reason why No Doubt has not been as active wether with No Doubt albums or with touring is because of raising children. My understanding from the interview with Tom is there are two reasons for not touring like they used to 1. Responsiblities as parents and 2. Having children on tour is more expensive compared to before they had childen.

    I do understand to a degree. To a degree I believe those are justified reasons. The reason I wrote “To a degree” is because I do not believe those are the only reasons or even the main reasons. I can understand No Doubt not being able to tour like the Tragic Kingdom Tour where it was more or less constant touring for 2 plus years. I would think that No Doubt could at least put the effort in finding different tour schedules that would not be as demanding, yet still give plenty of fans a chance to attend their concerts.

    Because there are other bands out there that have children and yet are able to make album after album of great music and tour a lot. A good example is the band 311 tours every summer year after year. Touring mostly in the summer would allow them to take care of their responsibilities as parents while their children are attending school. But, during summer the responsibilities are not as demanding which would make touring easier.

    The second reason Tom seems to be using being how expensive it is to tour with children. I do not think that is a justified reason. No Doubt are one of the richest and most wealthy bands on the planet. They’ve already made millions from past albums, merchendize and touring and they make tons of money when they sell-out the arenas show after show.

    In my opinion because I believe there are plenty of other options for touring like touring in the summer around the children’s school schedules and the fact No Doubt has a ton of resources at their disposal I think there is more to why they are not making more decent albums and touring more often than what they are saying in interviews.. My guess/opinion is it because of lack of inspiration and maybe even No Doubt has decided to retire and only do the occasional show here and there to satisfy whatever reason wether it be nostalgia or for the some extra cash.

  29. Yay Brian & NDLover! We seem to be on same wavelength here!

    I am (42), can ADMIT my age BECAUSE of Gwen Stefani!!!

    I grew up in Orange County. My husband grew up in Irvine and went to Cal State Fulleton one year before transferring. Where the band went for a time.

    We have a 6-year old the same age as Zuma.

    Life changes once you are married and have a child.

    The guy who posted about touring and figuring out the costs etc etc…not reality.

    When you have a child, they are your world. Their needs, wants, school, friends, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, playmates,,,

    That’s the element I think a lot of posted are missing (maybe because they are much younger)…

    If you are already commercially successful, a millionaire, schmooze with the US President & First Lady, you no longer have to knock yourself out to be an artist “at home” so you can raise a normal family.

    I love this band so much BECAUSE they have their priorities straight and are forgoing themselves and adulation around the world, so their babies can wake up and have a simple routine. Visit with grandparents or go to My Gym class.

    And instead of looking for something that isn’t there (“the band is letting down fans”), let’s give them this time in their lives to enjoy their beautiful families and babies and friends…go to a local festival if your lucky enough…

    They’ll be back one day. But now it’s their turn, and we know what good people they all are — let’s not sweat the small stuff.

    So proud of Gwen. So proud and lucky to be a fan. Forever grateful.

  30. I actually agree with Tom’s reasoning that it’s more expensive to tour now. Think of the extra buses, hotel rooms, nannies, tutors, activities, food, etc that come with 10 kids lol And let’s face it, a tour might not be as profitable anymore without filling seats and having current hit albums. Festivals are probably the way to go for now.

  31. Let’s not forget that Gwen has all these side projects that give her lots of money. While the boys only have the band and some occasional projects here and there. Tony is also a producer. Tony has done some production before. He’s been involved on the soundtrack for Horrible Bosses 2. Probably they have more stuff going.
    Realistically, I don’t think Tom can constantly afford to pay from his own pocket all these trips for his family, just as Gwen does, for example. I don’t even think the money their label gives them allow them to use it with their family to pay their trips. That’s why I think they’re doing these occasional concerts, also to get them income, especially for the guys.

  32. I wasn’t talking about right or wrong. I respect No Douts decision to make family the #1 priority. All I said is to me there’s got to be a way to do the music and touring justice while being good parents. Other bands that are a similar age and have children are able to do both Like the band 311. Does the fact other bands are able to release more music and tour more make them bad parents? Do those other bands need to follow No Doubts example in order to be considered good parents?

    What I am trying to say is I have a hard time believing family is the only reason for the lack of music and touring. I would understand less music and touring but not as to the less amount that No Doubt has. There’s a big difference between having an opinion and being disrespectful. The negative opinions is understandable. And are simply just opinions reacting to events in No Doubts career but not a reflection of how I feel about them as individuals. I’d rather be balanced and look at positive and negative rather than be all fan boy about it and sugar coat everything.

  33. “It’s just not the same as it used to be” – yeah, it’s over, let’s face it… They lack motivation and inspiration for ND.

  34. I would have more reasons to be disappointed if I had became a fan within the last 5 years. Because people who became a fan within the last 5 years missed out on the best Gwen/No Doubt had to create music wise and concerts. All those fans have to look forward to is the leftovers and experiencing Gwen/No Doubt music and concerts towards the end of their careers. I am positive that Gwen/No Doubt will never have the as much energy as they used to and will never get inspired as much as they used to. Fans might have seen the best of Gwen/No Doubt.

    I am disappointed. But, I am happy with what I have experienced. I became a fan in the late 1990s. My first No Doubt concert I attended was at the Return Of Saturn Tour in 2000. I attended 2 No Doubt concerts on the Rock Steady Tour in 2002 and got meet and greet passes and met No Doubt before they went on stage in 2002. And later I got on stage and got to play with No Doubt with Tonys bass guitar. And I got to stay on stage with No Doubt while they played Spiderwebs. I got to stand side by side with Gwen and the rest of No Doubt and bow with the band and walked off stage with Tony. I was able meet Tom Dumont at a Jack Johnson concert around the time Tom was playing bass guitar with Matt Costa when Matt Costa opened for Jack Johnson in 2005.

    I attended both of Gwens Solo Tours during the LAMB and The Sweet Escape eras. I attended 5 No Doubt concerts in 2009. I attended all 4 No Doubt concerts in Irvine, CA in 2009. I was able to visit the areas of most of the major No Doubt landmarks the Beacon Street house and the Sunday Morning house and the M&M Market before the name was changed.

    The reason I wrote about my experiences is to explain the reason why I am happy with the Gwen/No Doubt music and concerts I have experienced. Because I am a fan I would like to have more positive experiences. I am disappointed. But, it is not that important because I have already had a lot of positive experiences with music.

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