Tom Looks Back at No Doubt’s T In The Park Performance

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Tom shared a personal photo of No Doubt performing in Kinross-shire, Scotland back on July 13, 2002 during the T in the Park festival. He mentions how it was the band’s second time playing there and all Tom can remember about the show is meeting The White Stripe’s Jack White.

He also says how Gwen’s habit of climbing the rafters for “Just a Girl” always scared him.

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No Doubt played the “T in the Park,” festival (for our second time) in Kinross-shire, Scottland, on July 14th 2002. I met Jack White from the White Stripes that day, which is about all I can remember from that show. On a Summertime European festival tour that summer, Gwen made a habit of climbing to the top of the lighting truss on many shows. It was always an amazing moment but it scared the crap out of me every time. Good memories!

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