Tom clears the air on the forum

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Thanks to our good buddy Lamb83 for the heads up, Tom posted twice on the forum this afternoon, saying that the band was all in Cabo, Mexico together (not Hawaii) and the baby featured in the photos was baby Zuma, not Rio.

Hey what’s up folks!

Everything is good here. Just got back from Cabo, the blogs said we were in Hawaii, but we were all in Cabo together.

Funny how that happens:) Even one blog mistook Rio for Zuma, but they’re so close in age…

The family is good, life is good. How about you guys, are you well?


A fan wanted to know about what was happening with the band and plans for 2009. He said that band is taking a break during the holidays and are really excited to be making music together!

There are great things happening, I can’t talk about them yet, but I am excited about 2009.

It’s excellent making music together again. We’re on a break now through the holidays, taking care of our growing families.

Crazy that there are 5 boys in the ND brood! Anyway, gotta go, hope to see you all sooner than later.



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