Tom Calls Each Other "Kind Of Like Actors" In Upcoming Gossip Girls Episode


Tom recently gave a new interview with the New York Post about the upcoming Gossip Girls appearance, but sadly the article only features about one quote from him. Hmm. Anyways, then The Insider recapped it for us with a pretty picture and a bow.

‘Gossip Girl” may be known for introducing the world to new musical talent, but the series is relying on pure star power when it comes to launching its spinoff series later this year.

For “Gossip Girl’s” May 11 episode, the hot-to-trot series ditches relatively obscure indie acts in favor of having No Doubt back together again after a four-year hiatus play a fictional punk band called Snowed Out.

“We’ve done plenty of television performances, as ourselves doing our own songs, but ‘Gossip Girl’ was a new situation,” No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont tells The Post.

“We’re kind of like actors in the sense that we’re doing something within a drama on television.”

In the flashback episode, set in 1983, No Doubt will cover the Adam & the Ants hit, “Stand and Deliver.” According to Dumont, “it seemed appropriate to play a song from that era.”

The episode will introduce fans to the characters that populate the as-yet-untitled fall series, which focuses on a teenage Lily Rhodes’ (Brittany Snow) wild days in LA, before she becomes the matriarch of the van der Woodsen clan on “Gossip Girl.” The adult Lily is played by Kelly Rutherford.

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