TODAY Show Updates: No Doubt Hit The Stage At 6:51 AM For Soundcheck!

So, Dave called me at 3:51AM my time (6:51AM New York time) just in time for when ND hit the stage with “Spiderwebs!” I heard it! They sound amazing! Dave will be updating soon with his story, photos, and videos! The TODAY show doesn’t come on for another three hours for me, so I’m gonna try and head back to bed for more sleep in the mean time!

Update: 6:51 AM

No Doubt hit the stage for soundcheck with “Spiderwebs!”

Update: 7:36 AM

No Doubt finish soundcheck while performing “Spiderwebs” twice, “Don’t Speak,” and “It’s My Life”

Update: 8:18 AM

No Doubt are scheduled to perform between 8:30AM-9AM

Update: 8:40 AM

No Doubt coming up after the commercial break!

Update: 8:49AM

Hosts are mentioning how they’ve never seen a crowd this big

Update: 8:51 AM

No Doubt are about to perform! They are dressed up in the Clockwork Orange theme!

Update: 9:00 AM SPOILER!

They are performing “Spiderwebs” — seems like Gwen forgot a little of the second verse and headed to the fans for help

Update: 9:09 AM SPOILER!

They just finished “Don’t Speak” — slightly different ending

Update: 9:15 AM

Thanks to ceend!

“Ah!!! ALL the boys were wearing white, all 5 of them! They played Spiderwebs, Gwen had on a black tee and jean/bleach print pants (kind of in a cow print) and had her hair up, in those puff balls, you know? They did a little interview, playd Don’t Speak, commercial break, and they said they’ll be playing more! Omg, Adrian had on white pants and black, soccer looking socks pulled up to his thighs over his pants, the host said “I almost wore that same outfit today” lol.”

Update: 9:21 AM SPOILER!

No Doubt just performed “It’s My Life,” but has not been televised yet

Update: 9:22 AM

The band is packing up their instruments — looks like they are all done!


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