Tips to Help “Looking Hot” on the Radio

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Okay, No Doubters! “Looking Hot” as officially been added to radio across the country — but adds don’t mean airplay! Our good friend David has shared a really neat and effective way for us to help get requests in for No Doubt’s new single so they can skyrocket up the chart.

Here are the charts that are being monitored for “Looking Hot”:

I urge everyone to download the following app on your cell phone and start requesting the song on your local Mainstream Top 40 radio stations (as it hasn’t been sent to any other formats). It’s more effective than requesting online because it doesn’t allow for abuse (over-requesting), so radio stations take it more seriously.

Since KROQ and one other station are playing “Push and Shove,” the same goes for that song on Alternative.

You guys should also register for, and enter “Top 40/Pop/Mainstream” whatever as your favorite choice even if it isn’t (you can create multiple usernames with different emails if it ever gets sent to HAC or Alt), and vote for No Doubt when they come up in your survey. Songs that tend to do well on there are more likely to get added.

“Looking Hot” was also the number one added song to Top 40 on Tuesday and even was included in Windows 8 new $10 million dollar campaign! It’s off to a good start! Let’s keep requesting to get No Doubt on the radio!

You can also check out a list of your local radio stations and how to contact them here.

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