The Reason Why “Psycho” Is Not On Push and Shove

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Last Saturday, No Doubt revealed the official Push and Shove track listing and everyone following the band’s every move (and Tweets) noticed that one song was missing – “Psycho”. The band announced they were working on a new song “Psycho” that featured a “killer trombone solo” last April, making it the last documented track they were working on. So why didn’t it make the album?

Several lucky fans that attended the Obama event this last weekend asked the band about “Psycho” and it’s absence from the list. They responded that the song just didn’t work out. They even tried two different versions of the song and it never came together. They all agreed together to cut the track out. It’s been hinted that we’ll never hear “Psycho”. Bummer!

6 Replies to “The Reason Why “Psycho” Is Not On Push and Shove”

  1. Oh wow. I doubt we’ll never hear it, though that is a scary thought. But as NDLover said, I too believe that would work as a starting point for a new album. If experience teaches us anything, that;s what Gwen did with the carry over from L.A.M.B. to Sweet Escape.

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