Target Exclusive Edition of Push and Shove Details


No Doubt have revealed the the tracklisting for the bonus material on the Target deluxe edition which includes 8 bonus tracks. The acoustics we are getting are: “Settle Down”, “Looking Hot”, “One More Summer” and “Easy”. And the bonus unreleased track is…

12) Stand and Deliver
13) Settle Down Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
14) Looking Hot Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
15) One More Summer Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
16) Easy Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
17) Looking Hot (Jonas Quant Remix)
18) One More Summer (Jonas Quant Remix)
19) Push And Shove (Anthony Gorry Remix)

Target have revealed their exclusive deluxe edition of Push and Shove!

Looks like the Target edition will include 8 additional songs including an unreleased studio track, new acoustic versions and remixes! Wow! The listing also includes the album’s tracks and lengths. It seems to as if the album cover does not include the text.

1. Settle Down 0:06:01
2. Looking Hot0:04:43
3. One More Summer 0:04:39
4. Push And Shove 0:05:07
5. Easy0:05:10
6. Gravity 0:04:25
7. Undercover 0:03:32
8. Undone 0:04:38
9. Sparkle 0:04:08
10. Heaven 0:04:06
11. Dreaming The Same Dream 0:05:27

17 Replies to “Target Exclusive Edition of Push and Shove Details”

  1. I know! I’ll be at Target first thing at 8:00 on the 25th! I had a feeling they would have a limited edition.

    As far as “Psycho” goes, the band pretty much said the song was scrapped cause they couldn’t get it to work out so it would be a surprise!

  2. Definetly will purchase this on the 25th of next month. Target is like probably 5-10 minutes away from my house.

  3. @Franck
    I am in Canada too but I believe HMV is also releasing the same package as Target. If you go to the website there are four different editions of Push and Shove that you can order including the zinepack.

  4. I am going to have to take a couple hours off work the mornin of the 25th! Ahhhhhh!

    As if I need yet ANOTHER reason to love a trip to Target! Ha!

  5. I definitely want this edition. Do I have to pre-order it or will I be able to pick it up in store? I really DO NOT want to spend the extra money on shipping and if I want it on the 25th (which I do) the price doubles! I just dont have extra spending money like that!

    Anyway, if I HAVE to pre-order it I guess I’ll deal with the shipping and not getting it until the 29th or whatever. I’m just hoping some ND fan can assure me I’ll be able to buy it at the store.

    (chime in anytime now guys!)

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