Super Bowl Performance Hits #10 On Most Memorable Halftime Shows List

There is usually a list like this this time around Super Bowl weekend, but No Doubt and Sting’s amazing performance of “Just A Girl” and “Message In A Bottle” came in at #10 on’s list of the most memorable Super Bowl halftime shows. This performance also ended up being our runner up for best No Doubt moment of the decade.

10. Shania Twain, No Doubt, Sting – Super Bowl XXXVII (2003)

Canadian country diva Shania Twain kicked off 2003’s halftime show clad in a spectacular jewel-encrusted brassiere. She sang, too (“Up!” and “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”), before being carried away by some balloons (Pixar was watching) and turning the proceedings over to pop-ska band No Doubt. Singer Gwen Stefani and her midriff unleashed a raucous version of the band’s hit “Just a Girl,” complete with high-flying cheerleader-dancers. Brit musician Sting then took the stage to perform the 1979 Police hit “Message In A Bottle” which morphed into a killer duet with Stefani.

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  1. Yeah it was the best!!!!! Watching them practice with Sting the day before was pretty cool too……maybe I can find some of the picture to post…..

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