Summer 2009 Flipbook Launched On Official Site; Photos Added To Gallery

How exciting! Last week the band mentioned that they would be launching a special flipbook feature to the official site that would include some of their favorite shots from the last summer tour — and it’s up now! But not only does it feature some amazing live shots from the shows, but they also included tons of personal photos taken on the road and backstage! Some of the photos are so incredibly cute and show how humble the band really is! And can we say that they have never looked better! They also included a lot of photos of them hanging out with the kids and goofing around behind-the-scenes. And I need to be honest, there were a couple of them that made me say “aww!” out loud as well as laugh — they brought back such great memories of last summer! You can tell that No Doubt had the times of their lives, and having the children around only made it better I’m sure.

Since it is a flash slidehow on the official site, we went ahead and captured the first set (including our favorites!) and placed them in our gallery. There is well over 100 on the site, so we will have them all up in here in the next couple days. We’ve seen that a lot of fans are having trouble viewing the flipbook, so we thought this would be helpful. Enjoy! Which shots are your favorites?

Click here to see more photos!

6 Replies to “Summer 2009 Flipbook Launched On Official Site; Photos Added To Gallery”

  1. Thanks SO much for uploading the gallery!! I was feeling really sad that I couldn’t access the flipbook for some reason.And much thanks to ND for sharing so many amazing photos!!

  2. How incredibly thoughtful of them to include personal pictures (especially of the kids). I think my favorite is the pyramid. I especially enjoyed the many Adrian pics!!! He will always be my favorite. Am I the only one drooling over Adrian’s RIPPED bod in picture 43? 😉

  3. Thank you for uploading this! The flipbook wasn’t working on my computer and I wanted to see the pictures really bad!! I love this entire band, everyone of them is amazing and so deserving of everything they have:) I love the picture with the kids on the pryamid soo cute!! Exactly one year since I saw No Doubt Reunion Tour! Best night of my life stilll 🙂 thank you again!

  4. i’m glad i’m not the only one who couldn’t get the flipbook to work…=) i wanna see the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. aww lol that’s so cute !! Thanks ND and BSO for sharing. lol Kingston lol This is why I’m late for work I swear

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