"Stand And Deliver" Hitting The Radio; Reviews Start Hitting The Net


Woooah! Thanks to a bunch of fans who e-mailed me this morning — it looks like “Stand and Deliver” is already hitting the radio waves! That was quick! According to Tom, they had no intentions of putting the song out or anything on the radio or TV (minus Gossip Girls) — how amazing! It’s already becoming a hit! What do you guys think of it?

Also, vote on E! Online your opinion on the song — it seems to be getting pretty mixed reviews. The poll currently stands at 57% loving it, while 43% think…not so much. Below is the story from E!, and a couple reviews/links to other websites to see what other people are saying! We love it!

Adam and the Ants have walked into No Doubt’s spiderweb.

A cover version of the New Wave band’s 1981hit “Stand and Deliver” by Gwen Stefani and Co. has leaked onto the Internet and is already getting some serious radio airplay.

While we were a bit nervous going into it, fearing they would try to outdo the original, the group wisely chose to play it pretty close to the vest and, as a result, the song comes across as more of an homage to one of their musical influences than anything else.

No Doubt will be performing the song on the May 11 episode of Gossip Girl, just days after the band kicks off its first tour in five years on May 2 in Atlantic City.

And taken from Rolling Stone.

We applaud No Doubt for going a more obscure route with their comeback single, picking this track over more popular new wave hits and even more famous Adam Ant songs like “Goody Two Shoes” or “Don’t Be Square (Be There.)” Now if only No Doubt will film an equally ridiculous music video for “Stand and Deliver” like Adam and his Ants did.

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  1. i love it. very excited.

    don´t know why the people seem to dislike it.

    think it sounds like an ND song from late 90´s(before ROS). really, really like it.

  2. I remember reading that SAD probably would not be released as a single, I haven’t heard it on the radio yet, but I’m so happy it is. Can’t wait to see them playing it on The Gossip Girls as Snowed Out 😉

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