Spoilers: NME’s Push and Shove First Listen

NME has released more information about a few tracks from Push and Shove from their first listen. We have kept them under the cut cause the article features major spoilers!

NME — No Doubt return next month with ‘Push And Shove’, their first album in a decade. Is it any good though? We’ve heard seven of its 11 tracks, which should be enough to make a value judgment, at least when push comes to shove…

“Settle Down”
The lead single. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. It’s classic No Doubt: catchy, clearly the work of kids raised on 1980s ska and new wave, and packed with quotable Gwen-isms: “Do you copy? Do you copy?”

“Looking Hot”
… whereas this is a surprise. It’s basically No Doubt Do Club Pop – imagine something produced by RedOne (Gaga, Enrique, J.Lo), but drained of the Euro cheese. Well, most of it anyway. Just as you’re getting used to the idea, they slip in a tempo-slowing eight that sounds a bit like reggae. And then Gwen delivers the baffling line: “Go ahead and stare at my ragamuffin.” We think she means her…

“One More Summer”
‘One More Summer’ is a great song title, especially from No Doubt, a band born and raised on California sunshine. Thankfully, they deliver the goods – this is sleek, synthy and anthemic, like The Killers if they unclenched their buttocks a bit.

“Push And Shove”
What do you think a No Doubt tune produced by Major Lazer sounds like? Erm, not like this. ‘Push And Shove’ lurches from jerky dancehall verses to choruses that recall No Doubt’s biggest album, ‘Tragic Kingdom’, but with added wompage. There are also guest raps and Gwen channelling her inner Nicki with the line “We be on another level like we doin’ yoga”. It sounds horrible, but it’s actually bonkers and brilliant.

This one’s more straightforward. All bubbling synths and New Order guitars, ‘Easy’ is a wistful cousin to the ‘The Real Thing’, an underrated moment from Gwen’s first solo album. The lyrics are interesting too. Rough translation: stop getting your knickers in a twist, Gwen, and go make up with him.

On which Gwen goes all gooey over her “designer love-maker” – presumably Gavin Rossdale knows some tricks that the rest of don’t. Once you get over the bedroom envy, this is pretty sweet though – like something from a John Hughes movie, but with a dash of dubstep.

“Dreaming The Same Dream”
The album’s final track. Lyrically, this is a classic Gwen dysfunctional relationship song: “Just like the wind takes the leaf from the tree, you always know how to dismantle me,” goes the opening line. Musically, it’s a synthy midtempo ballad with echoes of Stevie Nicks’s solo career. That is, until the outro, when it all goes a bit ‘(Don’t You) Forget About Me’…

Obviously there are still four tracks to come, but on this evidence, ‘Push And Shove’ is just what you’d want from a No Doubt album in 2012. It’s a catchy, colourful mix of modern pop and 1980s retro that’s never scared to show off its ragamuffin.

20 Replies to “Spoilers: NME’s Push and Shove First Listen”

  1. This is literally like waiting for christmas!. I so can’t wait, Bring it on!. please play tell me my albums for first one out of your dispatch doors.Iv had this on pre order for so long.

  2. Omg! I am in love with the first verse of “Dreaming the Same Dream” it sounds so poetic! Definitely excited to hear that one.

  3. It’s pretty obvious that the song featured in Webisode 5 was “Easy.” Based on this and the Target sticker, I’m a bit upset that they’re releasing all of the dance tracks as the singles since they’re not entirely representative of the album. I was hoping “Push and Shove” and one of the 80’s rock tributes (“Heaven,” “Dreaming”) would get a release. Oh well.

  4. @David – I think it’s too soon to jump to conclusions what the other singles will be. It’s just a Target sticker.

  5. I was really thinking “Dreaming the Same Dream” would be a 4th or 5th single (like “Running” kinda). I hope they release it. Everyone has said it’s a ballad with potential to rival “Don’t Speak” — which, of course, was a major moment in time for ballads.

    Ahhhhhh! I’m so excited!

    I’m not thrilled with the review of “Push and Shove” the song. Horrible? Do they mean the song sounds horrible but is brilliant or that it sounds horrible to call the song “bonkers” but that it’s really bonkers in a brilliant way?

    It’s so hard to read things sometimes without a tone to go along with it. Haha.

    Either way, I’m sure I’m going to love it because ND can basically do no wrong in my world. 🙂

    Yay P&S!!

  6. I hate to burst your No Doubt anticipation bubble, but from a long-term, hardcore, fan of No Doubt? This sounds like it is going to be a MAJOR disappointment.

    After ten+ years, we get an album with such lyrics as:

    “We be on another level like we doin’ yoga”.


    “Go ahead and stare at my ragamuffin.”

    Yeah…this sounds both like they are trying too hard and that this this is a complete sell-out album.

    I love No Doubt so much, but after the catatstrophically inferior “Settle Down” (which challenges “Waiting Room” for the worst No Doubt song ever), and now this? I am not even anticipating the album anymore.

    I have scant hopes for “Easy” and “Dreaming the Same Dream”. They may salvage this album to some extent. But what I wanted was an album in the vein of “Return of Saturn” and “Tragic Kingdom” (both upbeat and emotive ska-based songs), but this seems like “Rock Steady”‘s red headed step child.

    Don’t let me down.

  7. I can never tell the tone from reviews, but I can’t wait to hear the whole album for myself.

    Ive been a No Doubt fan since 97 and I’ve loved everything they’ve done since I became a fan. I even love gwen side stuff too, so people who are saying this album is going to be a disappointment really need to wait and listen to it themselves. They might actually like it. 😀

  8. I agree Vanessa! How can so many judge it without hearing it first? Listen to it and then if you don’t like it, hate away to your hearts desire! LOL

  9. And just adding another thought, but there’s never going to be another Return of Saturn. That was a certain, special moment in their lives. Turning 30, break ups, reality after huge success, etc. I love ROS and TK and I miss that time period, but I know they’re never going to sound like that again.

  10. Hi Mrs. Jenny, Hope you are well and happy. We are sitting through Isaac. So far wind gust some rain. I hope you and yours are safe and dry. I am hoping No Doubt and all there families are well. The storm is just down here so I think you and yours are O K . Have a good day bye bye now. Rob

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