"Spiderwebs" Tote Artist Kevin Dart On Designing For No Doubt


We posted before that a new tote bag is being sold on the tour with unqiue artwork of the band looking like spies from the 60s. Well it turns out they came from the awesome Kevin Dart, and was asked personally by the band to design a poster where “the band portrayed in a 60’s suspense-movie poster based on the song Spiderwebs.” The design turned out amazing! The tote is available at the merch booth on tour and runs for $25 — it’s pretty good material as well, I suggest picking one up! He blogged a little about the process, which you can check out below. Kevin actually used photos from BSO on his website, sweet!

A few months ago I was asked to do a poster for the summer No Doubt tour. It was one of those dream freelance gigs that’s almost TOO easy. They had come up with the theme A Clockwork Orange for their tour, and wanted the band portrayed in a 60’s suspense-movie poster based on the song Spiderwebs. Here’s what I came up with:


The band was really happy with the poster, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. They were so happy, actually, that Elizabeth and I got to go to their “Friends & Family” show in Vegas over the weekend, which was basically a dress rehearsal for a small audience the night before the real show. The costumes, the set, and the video displays were all gorgeous. Gwen even had three outfit changes throughout the concert. We got to watch the whole thing from the front row. It was a pretty memorable night. For all the doubters out there, the band is as good as they ever were. And for all the No-Doubters out there, you won’t be disappointed when you see them!

The first one was turned down because it made Gwen overshadow the other band members too much, the second one is the approved thumbnail, and the last is the approved color study.

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