"Spiderwebs" included on new Guitar Hero game; available October 26

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Yes! “Spiderwebs” will be included in the new Guitar Hero: World Tour game, being released on October 26! It was only available on the DS version of the game, but will now be available for consoles as well!

The following article, and full setlist, I found on rollingstone.com,

Guitar Hero: World Tour has finally released its full track list. While the list of 86 tracks isn’t as jaw-dropping as that of its counterpart Rock Band 2, there are a bunch of highlights, including a pair of tracks by Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy Osbourne, plus cuts from Metallica, Nirvana, Van Halen, the Doors and Lynyrd Skynyrd. All the songs are original master recordings. There’s karaoke favorites like the Eagles‘ “Hotel California” and, for the true axmen, virtuoso songs like Joe Satriani’s “Satch Boogie.” Additionally, the game will boast exclusive Guitar Duel recordings by Ted Nugent and Zakk Wylde. There’s also a trio of new play options: Band Career, the Music Studio feature and the 8-player Battle of the Bands that allow bands to compete online. GH:WT also has those new instruments, new amps and that exclusive Smashing Pumpkins premiere single “G.L.O.W.” The game hits shelves October 26th.

No Doubt – “Spiderwebs”

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