Source: Tony Hopes New Album Is Done By Early 2011; Whole Band At Weenie Roast

Thanks, Ryan!

We thought this deserved it’s own post as well — the fan that spoke with Tony earlier at Weenie Roast said that Tony is hoping the album will be done by early 2011! We don’t even have words — that seems so close!

Remember that these Tweets are not official confirmation or anything, but they are nice just the same! — Another bit of ND info from Tony. He said that hopefully that album will be done by the begining of next year! So excited! He was so nice.


Thanks to justatragicgirl for Tweeting us, the whole band is hanging out backstage at Weenie Roast now!

They all were together on the side of the stage watching Devo perform, which was around 8:00 PM.

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  1. HEY! I’m pretty sure that guy was standing in front of me for the ND show at that same venue during their summer tour. I remember him because he was wearing a tutu!! Cool pic!!

  2. Really exciting! That was awesome of Tony to share that info-and thanks to Ryan as well for posting the news on Twitter!

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